‘Unhappy’ at Arsenal…lost even the ‘smile’

Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale (25-England) has tweeted ‘unhappy’. The goalkeeper has reportedly lost his smile as he continues to struggle in the first-team competition. Ramsdale had already admitted last month that he was “distressed” about not being given a chance, and now he is reportedly unhappy with his current situation once again, this time through his father.

“Ramsdale’s father said: ‘My son has lost his smile,’ and questioned why manager Mikel Arteta (41-Spain) signed David Laya (28-Spain) in the summer transfer window and hasn’t given Ramsdale a chance this season,” multiple outlets including the BBC, Sky Sports, The Telegraph, and Football London reported on Thursday.

In reality, Ramsdale has been completely out of contention for a starting role this season. After starting four consecutive games since the start of the EPL, Ramsdale seemed to have retained his place in goal from last season, but was dropped to the ‘bench’ after giving way to Raya in the fifth round. He then made two appearances in the somewhat less important English Football League (EFL) Carabao Cup.

Ramsdale eventually complained in an interview during the A-League break last month, saying, “To be honest, the situation I’m in is painful and frustrating”. But since then, his position hasn’t changed, and he’s been struggling to keep a smile on his face. Ramsdale’s father, in particular, is said to be deeply frustrated and disillusioned.

There is even speculation that Ramsdale could leave next year as he has lost his place in the team. In particular, some have speculated that he is pushing harder for a parting of the ways with Arsenal in order to secure regular playing time as he looks to take up the England national team gatekeeper role and qualify for next year’s UEFA European Football Championship.

Ramsdale made his professional debut for Sheffield United in 2016 and went on to have spells at AFC Bournemouth, Chesterfield and AFC Wimbledon before pulling on an Arsenal shirt in 2021. He quickly established himself in the first-team at the Emirates Stadium and has since made 85 appearances for the club. In that time, he has scored 95 goals and kept 31 clean sheets. 토토사이트






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