Jeon Cheong-jo, “Nam Hyun-hee, has known my identity since February… admitted to fraud charges.”

Jeon Cheong-jo, who had promised메이저놀이터 to marry former national fencing team member Nam Hyeon-hee, claimed that Nam had known since last February that he was not the out-of-wedlock child of the Paradise Group chairman.

Mr. Jeon revealed this in an interview with Channel A and also admitted to receiving financial benefits from a case accused of investment fraud.

In response to this, Mr. Nam also refuted in an interview with Channel A, saying that he became aware of Mr. Jeon’s identity on the 23rd when a related report was published.

At the same time, he added that he plans to file a complaint against Mr. Jeon to the police on charges of fraud, etc., and that he will arbitrarily submit Mr. Jeon’s cell phone and laptop, which he owns, to the police.






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