Hamas uses Israeli female hostage as propaganda campaign; German woman taken hostage confirmed dead

The Palestinian armed political faction Hamas, which is confronting the Israeli army on a ground operation in the Gaza Strip스포츠토토, has launched a propaganda campaign using female hostages brought from Israel.

Hamas released a video on its own broadcast channel on the 30th local time, showing three women scolding Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and urging him to negotiate the release of hostages.

Hamas introduced the women in the video as ‘Zionist hostages.’

Israeli media outlets said that the identities of the women appearing in the video were not immediately confirmed, and analyzed that the contents of their remarks appear to have been recorded by Hamas.

The daily Times of Israel diagnosed that as the Israeli military’s ground operations intensified, Hamas was seeking to divide Israel by using various ‘psychological manipulation’ strategies.

The number of hostages taken by Hamas to the Gaza Strip is estimated to be as high as 240.

Meanwhile, Israeli authorities reported that the death of Shani Luke, a woman in her 20s who was taken unconscious to Hamas at a music festival in southern Israel on the 7th, was confirmed.

DPA news agency reported that Shani’s body has not yet been found, but fragments of her skull were found and DNA tests showed that she was presumed to have died on the 7th.

The family of Shani, a dual citizen of Germany and Israel, has repeatedly publicly called on the German government to do everything it can to secure her release.






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