Grandmother who fell off a bus and demanded 3 million won… “Everyone does this”

According to the released bus closed circuit ( CC ) TV video, the bus stopped at the stop at the time was carrying passengers, and the passenger who fell was the last one to board and was heading to the back seat.

At this time, when the bus departed, she walked quickly and her grandmother A, who was trying to sit in her seat, was unable to keep her balance and she fell.

Bus driver B explained that the moment Mr. A fell was not a situation such as the bus coming to a sudden stop.

Mr. B said, “After boarding all the passengers, during normal operation, a passenger who appeared to be an elderly woman fell,” and “(After the grandmother fell), she visited a surgeon and was diagnosed with bruises and abrasions. After receiving 3-4 days of physical therapy and prescribed medication, she “It came out,” he said.

She continued, “(Two days after the accident, her grandmother) said she needed to go to an oriental medicine clinic to treat blood clots and receive a prescription for herbal medicine for 1 week, but then changed her words to 2 weeks, and is currently asking me to give her a settlement of 3 million won짱구카지노 주소 . ” .

“When I asked how they got 3 million won, they said that at first I didn’t go to the hospital with good intentions because I didn’t want to be hospitalized, but if I had been hospitalized, it would have been more than 3 million won,” he said. “He also said that his whole body hurt to the point where he couldn’t sleep,” he explained.

He also said, “The victim’s (grandmother’s) acquaintances said that they had also received a settlement of 3 million won in this situation and that they were demanding 3 million won from me as well,” and complained of injustice and suspected insurance fraud.

The story was covered again on the 23rd by Muncheol Han, a lawyer specializing in traffic accidents, on his YouTube channel.

A lawyer said, “It does not mean that the bus should not depart until all the passengers are seated. There were several empty seats before the bus departed, so they could sit safely, but there seems to be no reason to go to the very back.”

He then advised Mr. B, “If the police try to impose a fine, I hope you will refuse and go to summary judgment.” He added, “Not guilty verdicts are piling up in the courts (in relation to these cases). I think it would be better for injured passengers to receive treatment through health insurance.” did.






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