“200% performance bonus, 4 days a week”… The eve of the first strike in POSCO’s 55 years

The POSCO labor union’s strike was approved in a vote on the 29th. If the Central Labor Relations Commission decides to suspend the operation at the mediation meeting scheduled for the 30th, the POSCO union will secure the right to engage in industrial action, such as a legal strike. If the POSCO union, which has secured the right to strike with a majority vote, goes on strike, it will be the first strike in 55 years since its founding in 1968.

According to the steel industry on the 29th, POSCO’s largest labor union, the Federation of Korean Metal Workers’ Union, POSCO, held a strike vote for its members from 8 p.m. on the 28th to 29th of this month. As a result of the vote count on this day, the strike was passed with a majority vote. A total of 10,756 out of 11,145 union members voted, and 75.07% (8,367 people) of union members with voting rights were in favor. Opposition was 21.44% (2,389 people), and abstention was 3.49% (389 people). Previously, the POSCO union requested

△payment of basic salary of 162,000 won, a 13.1% increase △payment of 100 shares of treasury stock to union members △creation of 200% goal achievement performance incentive (PI) △new establishment of summer vacation and vacation allowance △ introduction of a 4-day week system every other week. The management clashed with the union, saying that if all 60 demands were met, additional labor costs worth 1.6 trillion won were expected to be incurred, and that they could not accept it.

Labor and management have negotiated collective wages 24 times since last May, but ultimately failed to reach an agreement, and the union declared the breakdown of negotiations for the first time in 55 years안전놀이터 and applied for dispute mediation with the National Labor Relations Commission to secure the right to strike.

Although the resolution was reached on this day, it is known that rather than going on strike immediately, the POSCO union plans to continue negotiations by using the industrial action as an advantage in the final mediation meeting of the Central Labor Relations Commission scheduled for the 30th of this month and subsequent negotiations between the company and the company.

In an appeal issued on the 27th just before the vote, the POSCO union said, “Only when there is an overwhelming approval rating can the speed of negotiations be accelerated and negotiations be concluded peacefully,” adding, “The company is falsely inciting that there will be an immediate strike once the yes or no vote is passed. “The union has prepared step-by-step systematic industrial action, and a strike is the last resort,” he explained.

As the possibility of POSCO’s strike becoming a reality increases, the automobile and shipbuilding industries are concerned about production disruption due to the strike. Steel is expected to take a direct hit as it is used as a basic material such as automobile steel plates and shipbuilding plates.

However, even if a strike occurs, not all POSCO factories will stop. POSCO’s labor and management have ‘agreement workers’ who cannot participate in industrial action such as strikes according to the collective agreement, so a minimum number of workers will be deployed. In addition, strikes are restricted under labor union law in processes that handle molten iron, such as iron making and steelmaking.






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