‘Urine controversy’ Japanese and American beers fill the place of Tsingtao

 Sales of Tsingtao Beer in China have been plummeting since a video was released showing an employee urinating on beer ingredients at a local production plant in Tsingtao Beer, China.

The Tsingtao beer importer explained that products produced at the controversial factory were for domestic consumption in China and were not sold domestically, but it was not enough to change the minds of consumers.

On the other hand, imported beer produced in other countries such as Japan and the United States is benefiting greatly from this controversy.

According to the industry on the 29th, since the controversy over ‘urinating beer’ spread on the 21st, Qingdao sales at convenience stores have been plummeting by 20-40% compared to the previous week.

As of the 21st to 26th, sales of Tsingtao beer at convenience store A decreased by 41.3% compared to the previous week, and at convenience store B also decreased by 30.6%.

Tsingtao Beer was a popular product that ranked in the top 3 to 5 in terms of sales among canned beers at convenience stores, but it slipped out of the top 5 after the urination video incident.

As of September this year, $27 million worth of짱구카지노 도메인 Chinese beer, including Tsingtao, was imported into Korea, ranking third after Japan and the Netherlands, but it seems inevitable that they will be hit by this incident.

The place where Tsingtao beer has disappeared is being filled by Japanese and American beers such as Asahi and Budweiser.

At a convenience store, Tsingtao maintained its third place in sales among imported beers, but slipped to seventh place after the 21st.

Instead, Budweiser of the United States and Heineken of the Netherlands took this place, and sales of Japan’s Asahi (20.4%↑), which ranked second, also increased.

At convenience store B, sales of American Budweiser (33.1%) and Belgian Stella (35.8%) increased during the same period.

At C convenience stores, American Budweiser (3rd place) and Netherlands Heineken (4th place) came up, and Asahi (10%) sales also increased.

As Tsingtao beer is being ignored by consumers, posts are being made in an online community of convenience store owners asking whether they should collectively protest to the Tsingtao beer importer to request that the beer be returned.

Some are posting that customers have come to ask for refunds since the urination video was released, or that additional orders should not be placed for the time being due to inventory build-up.

An industry official explained, “In the past, during the ‘No Japan’ (boycott of Japanese products), the boycott of Japanese beer lasted for more than two years.”

He predicted, “Because there are many substitute products for imported beer, unless there is an issue that will change the mood, the trend of consumers turning away from Tsingtao beer is likely to continue for the time being.”






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