“Accomplice who received luxury gifts”… Complaint to police over allegations of Nam Hyun-hee collusion

A complaint was filed with the police requesting that former national fencing team member Nam Hyun-hee (42), who announced her breakup after suspicions of fraud against her remarried partner Jeon Cheong-jo (27) arose, also be investigated on suspicion of conspiracy. Mr. Nam, who claims to be her victim, is also expected to be subject to police investigation.

Kim Min-seok, a member of the Gangseo-gu District Council in Seoul, reported on the afternoon of the 28th that he submitted a petition to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency asking them to investigate suspicions of fraud and attempted fraud against Mr. Nam and Mr. Jeon. Rep. Kim said, “Mr. Nam received a luxury bag as a gift from Mr. Jeon. She said, “It appears that Mr. Jeon had a deep relationship with the victims (who were asking for her investment money back), saying, ‘All you have to do is ask Nam Hyun-hee.’” She raised suspicions of Mr. Nam’s collusion.

It is argued that a police investigation is necessary, saying that Mr. Nam is not a victim who suffered financial losses from Mr. Jeon, but is in fact an accomplice who received the proceeds of crime. Rep. Kim also posted on social media the day before , “Did Mr. Jeon commit fraud alone? “There are so many unclear things,” he said, raising suspicions of collusion.

Based on a tip-off, Rep. Kim filed charges of fraud and attempted fraud against Mr. Jeon and Mr. Lee, the CEO of Company S, who invited him as a lecturer, on the 25th. Regarding this, Rep. Kim said, “I received additional information after the accusation.” The informant gave 110 million won as investment money for a Chinese business, but did not receive it back.

After it became known that she was planning to marry카지노사이트 Mr. Nam, Jeon became embroiled in controversy due to her fraud record and suspicion of impersonating a third-generation chaebol. Mr. Jeon is known to have committed repeated fraud in the past by posing as a man or pretending to be a third-generation chaebol. After being informed of the breakup from Nam, Jeon is also under police investigation for allegedly visiting Nam’s mother’s house in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do in the early morning of the 26th and knocking on the door several times.

On the other hand, Mr. Nam claims that he was deceived by Mr. Jeon, who posed as an extramarital child of a casino group, and that “Mr. Jeon took charge from beginning to end.” In an interview with Channel A, Mr. Nam said, “I feel confused and unfair,” and added, “I wonder how one person can play with so many people and whether what happened is real. “These were all things that Mr. Jeon said he should do and that he took the initiative to do,” he said.






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