“Let’s go see the fall foliage” The weekend weather is ‘clear’… Traffic congestion expected

The temperature on Saturday, the 28th, will be similar to normal, but the daily temperature difference will be up to 15 degrees먹튀검증, so you will need to be careful about what you wear. There will be a lot of clouds across the country at times, but it will gradually clear up from the morning.

From dawn to morning, there will be places where there will be thick fog with a visibility of less than 200m, mainly in the eastern part of Gyeonggi-do, inland Gangwon, Chungcheong region, Jeonbuk, inland Jeonnam region, and inland Gyeongsang region. Fog with a visibility of less than 1 km will also form in other areas.

Raindrops less than 5 mm will fall in Yeongdong, Gangwon-do from the afternoon. Between late afternoon (15-18:00) and evening (18-21:00), raindrops less than 0.1 mm may fall in the eastern mountains of Gyeongbuk and the northern east coast.

The lowest morning temperatures in major regions are Seoul 10 degrees, Incheon 10 degrees, Suwon 8 degrees, Chuncheon 7 degrees, Gangneung 10 degrees, Cheongju 10 degrees, Daejeon 9 degrees, Jeonju 10 degrees, Gwangju 10 degrees, Daegu 9 degrees, Busan 12 degrees, Jeju is the 14th province.

The highest daytime temperature is Seoul 20 degrees, Incheon 18 degrees, Suwon 20 degrees, Chuncheon 18 degrees, Gangneung 18 degrees, Cheongju 20 degrees, Daejeon 20 degrees, Jeonju 20 degrees, Gwangju 21 degrees, Daegu 20 degrees, Busan 21 degrees, Jeju 21 degrees. too.

Meanwhile, October is the peak holiday season and long-distance traffic increases. Highway traffic volume is expected to increase compared to usual this weekend due to mostly clear weather. Korea Expressway Corporation predicted 5.5 million vehicles on Saturday (28th) and 4.87 million vehicles on Sunday (29th).

The day before a long-distance drive, you should get enough sleep, and if you feel drowsy, take a rest at a rest area or rest area. Additionally, it is a good idea to open the windows at least every 15 minutes to ventilate or turn on the vehicle’s outside air circulation mode.






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