In Yohan “There is nothing I can’t say to the President… “If you want to die, you don’t have to change.”

“Don’t just stay in Yeongnam like an obsessive-compulsive person. (Leading lawmakers from the Yeongnam region) should also come to the difficult areas of Seoul and help with difficult times.”

In Yo-han, chairman of the People Power Party’s innovation committee, said of the party’s senior lawmakers running for office in rough areas in the metropolitan area, “It would be great if stars from Yeongnam came to help in rough areas in Seoul.” The interview was conducted at the Donga Media Center in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 27th. The following is a Q&A.

● Chairman In: “If you want to die, you don’t have to change.”―Do you think that in order to win the general election next year, leading lawmakers from Yeongnam should run or not run in difficult areas of the metropolitan area?
“Whether it is Daegu/Gyeongbuk ( TK ) or Busan/Ulsan/Gyeongnam ( PK ), the entire Yeongnam region must be changed. The lower reaches of the Nakdong River protected us. Nakdong River is a precious place. However, the party has become a party downstream of the Nakdong River. Then it does not fit the current situation in Korea. People from Honam must be elected in Daegu, and people from Daegu must also be elected in Honam. To live, you must change. “If you want to die, you don’t have to change.”

-There is also criticism that asking people to go to Seoul is putting them out on a limb. Are senior lawmakers from Yeongnam competitive if they run for office in the metropolitan area?
“Not everyone is competitive. I think it would be great if stars from Yeongnam came to help in the rough areas of Seoul. “You have to break away from the district you are comfortable in.”

―They say that both the ruling and opposition parties failed in the 21st National Assembly. Do you think the incumbent members of the party should be replaced?
“I don’t think this election will be difficult if members of the National Assembly think of the party and country before themselves and take the attitude of sacrifice.” ―Does sacrifice have anything to do with being an athlete? “This is not the story of the Nakdong River. “I wish we could do big politics in Seoul as well” – Elections are something you can’t do with just a cause, so what if you come to Seoul or the metropolitan area and lose? “I won’t lose. People like what is right. The level in Korea is high. “This job will be over within 8 weeks or 2 months, so I don’t care if I get criticized or beaten up a lot.” ―Is there an incentive for lawmakers who first announce their candidacy for difficult areas such as Seoul? “The rules must be calm. The primary is a feast and a preview. I’m showing it to the people. “I hope that the person who lost in the primary will surrender gracefully and the person who won will go up and join forces to completely change the game.”

● Chairman In “It will be difficult to defy the direction presented by the Innovation Committee.”―Are primary elections in all regions the rule?
“I am not the chairman of the election committee. But it is the right direction and hope. And if you make a good suggestion and raise it, won’t it create an atmosphere where the party leadership will have no choice but to accept it? It will probably be difficult to disobey the direction suggested by the Innovation Committee. “I am positive”

―He said to President Yoon Seok-yeol, “I will speak without hesitation.” Are you willing to say that the national policy should be changed to meet the public’s expectations?
“What can’t I talk about? I was chosen to live up to the standards of the people. President Yoon is a former prosecutor, not a politician. “He is not smooth in his methodology, but that is also his charm.”

―Are you willing to suggest that President Yoon Seok-yeol meet with Lee Jae-myung, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea?
“I can meet anyone, but the president’s position is different. Politics doesn’t seem to have exact principles like law and medicine… . Don’t the people also want flexibility? “Let’s just stop there.” ―Former CEO Lee Jun-seok and Daegu Mayor Hong Jun-pyo, who mentioned amnesty as the first agenda item of the Innovation Committee, responded negatively. “I am willing to go down to Daegu Mayor Hong Jun-pyo and say, ‘Brother, don’t do that.’ Former CEO Lee Jun-seok was also very upset. I will also meet with former lawmaker Yoo Seung-min as soon as possible. “I will continue to work hard” – Are there any plans to meet them in person at the beginning of the Innovation Committee? “It was put on agenda number 1. This will be conveyed to the highest level and the decision on what to do with it will be handed over to those people (party leadership). It is literally ‘ recommendation ’. ―Is there a reason why you consider moderate voters important? “20% (of voters) are ‘crazy conservatives,’ and 20% are ‘crazy leftists.’ The 60% who make election decisions are mothers who are busy sending their children to school, working at the market, and office workers. “Those people are neither left nor right” – There is a lot of interest in nomination criteria ahead of the general election. “I am not nominating. You must lay a good foundation and build a house on top of it. Since I am demanding so much change, the party may be in more trouble as time goes by.” ―There are many views that the results of the Gangseo-gu mayor election in Seoul reflect the ‘metropolitan area crisis theory.’ “Gangseo is a thing of the past. We must live future-oriented. It is also a vaccination, but I personally have no interest in it. “If we change, something like Gangseo will not happen” – The party may not accept the nomination rules created by the Innovation Committee. “I will persuade the party leadership. I don’t think it will be 100% accepted. “Even if only 70-80% is accepted, it is a success.”

Chairman In: “It has become difficult to trust the Democratic Party.”-Are you planning to run in the general election next year?토토사이트
“I put it down. I was tempted a lot, but now I can’t think about it. “We will go all in until the end of the (Innovation Committee).”

―What do other innovation committee members think about running for general elections?
“Can’t someone who plays soccer make the rules? Clint Eastwood was both an actor and a director. “I think it’s a very good thing for players to join the innovation committee.”

―There is a lot of talk about the scope of the Innovation Committee’s authority. How do you gain authority and get innovations accepted?
“I can’t change everything. We will all meet. We will also meet with the top committee members and persuade them. I do not want to go against the party. We boarded the same boat together. Since you brought me here, are you on my side? I don’t know politics and I’m a beginner, but the people want common sense and rationality. “We will talk about letting go of petty greed.”

―If there is an offer from the Democratic Party to hire the Innovation Committee Chairman or within the party.
“Former President Kim Dae-jung is someone I respect so much that it brings me to tears. However, he was subjected to a harsh Fair Trade Commission investigation for two years during the Moon Jae-in administration. The reason was that Severance Hospital had colluded with 14 hospitals on the fees for physical examinations for visa issuance. It is deplorable that the Fair Trade Commission was involved. I thought that no matter how much I hated it, I had to play fair. After that, it became difficult to trust the Democratic Party. “During the time of former President Kim, I learned that he was different from the Democratic Party.”






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