“Elementary school teacher, sexual harassment situation until the day before reporting

A teacher in his 30s accused of sexually harassing eight elementary school female students was arrested. 

When the school conducted a survey, the number of victims increased to 12 with 4 more students. 

The arrest warrant stated that the teacher continued to commit crimes until the day before his arrest. 

This is an exclusive report by reporter Hyeju Lee. 

This morning, a teacher in his 30s was arrested and examined on charges of sexually harassing a student he was in charge of.

She avoided giving specific answers to reporters’ questions and offered an apology.

[Teacher in his 30s]
“I would like to apologize to the victims and their parents.”

The school conducted a survey starting yesterday, and the number of victims increased to 12 with 4 additional students짱구카지노 도메인.

Among these, it was discovered that there was a student who had experienced sexual harassment for two years from last year when the teacher took office to this year.

As a result of Channel A’s coverage, it is said that the arrest warrant request includes circumstances in which the teacher sexually harassed the teacher even the day before her arrest.

The crime was committed in public places such as classrooms and hallways, and during daily elementary school activities such as after-school sports activities and recess interviews.

Because of this, it appears that it took time for young students to recognize that it was sexual harassment.

It is known that the student’s cell phone records obtained by the police contain conversations such as “What if the teacher says no?” 

The court issued an arrest warrant saying there was a risk of destruction of evidence. 

The police plan to investigate additional identified victims and identify the detailed motive for the crime through profiling of the arrested teacher.






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