A married woman who cheated on her husband and married another man three more times… Received 120 million won in congratulatory money

According to a report by a major foreign media outlet on the 27th, Zhou Wu (35), a married woman living in Jiangsu Province, China, was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being found to have fraudulently married three men.

An investigation into her statement revealed that Ms. Zhou took advantage of the fact that her husband, a businessman, did not come to her house often, to seduce three men with the surnames Luo, Zhang and Xu, and even promised to marry them.

At the time, Ms. Zhou was also raising a daughter she had with her husband.

Afterwards, Zhou married each of the three men. The roles of Mr. Zhou’s parents, relatives, and friends who attended the wedding were actors he had paid for, and each time there were more husbands, including her original husband, they stayed at the house for a few days with the excuse of “there was a workshop at work.” Weddings were held repeatedly using the empty method토스카지노 도메인.

Zhou earned a total of 660,000 yuan (about 120 million won) through three fraudulent marriages. She even tried to extort additional money from one of her husbands, Mr. Jang, by offering to give her each child of a different gender.

Afterwards, she left home and sent Jang a fake photo of a newborn, saying she would go to her parents’ house and have a baby.

Zhou’s fraudulent activities were revealed when Mr. Zhang and his mother visited the obstetrics and gynecology clinic. At the time, he responded by hiring an actor to play a doctor, but Mr. Jang, who was suspicious of his lack of acting skills, investigated Zhou, found out his true identity, and reported it to the police.

Zhou, whose crimes were known, was sentenced to 10 years in prison and abandoned by her first husband.

Meanwhile, bigamy and adultery are prohibited by law in China. China’s Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs (Ministry of Civil Affairs) has established a marriage information network through the Internet and is providing a service that allows lovers or spouses to search for their partner’s marital status.

The Ministry of Civil Affairs believes that if marriage information is disclosed, illegal acts such as double marriages and fraudulent marriages can be eradicated, and cases of divorce due to wrong marriages can also be prevented. In China, marriage registration is done at the place of origin where the hukou (family register) is located.

For this reason, people who leave the countryside and live in the city must visit the family register to inquire about their partner’s marital status. Also, since personal information is not computerized, it is not easy to confirm the marital status of a spouse.






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