Director of Gangnam entertainment establishment Celebrities appear one after another as soon as they open their mouths… Growing waves

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◇Anchor> Then how did the police confirm the suspicion카지노사이트 that G-Dragon was suspected of taking drugs?

◆Jo Hanna> It was reported that among the first eight internal investigators, Lee Sun-kyun was actually revealed through the statement of the manager of a Gangnam entertainment establishment who was now arrested, and that G-Dragon was also facing drug charges.

◇Anchor> Then, what you are saying is that in addition to the eight people who were initially subject to the police’s internal investigation, G-Dragon has now been found guilty, so there is a possibility that this could spread to the entertainment industry in the future as well.

◆Johanna> There is a good chance that it will happen. There are currently 8 people, including G-Dragon, but it seems there is a risk that famous celebrities or other figures may also be included.

◇Anchor> This is something that cannot be revealed in detail, and since it is still in the investigation stage, the information coming from the police is limited. First of all, there seems to be a lot of excessive speculation and speculation in the media. We ask that you refrain from making excessive assumptions. So what the police said was that G-Dragon was booked on suspicion of drug use, but nothing was known about what type of drug it was, or whether it was of various types, or how many times he was taken, or anything like that?

◆Johanna> It appears to be cautious because the investigation is still ongoing. In fact, since there is a prior criminal record, I think it is prudent to be cautious in this case because aggravated punishment is actually possible depending on the type, amount, and period of time.






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