After receiving a fat-dissolving injection, blisters all over my body… “It hurts like I’m being eaten.”

It has been reported that an American exercise influencer with 30,000 followers suffered from serious skin disease after receiving fat-dissolving injections.

According to foreign media such as the New York Post in the U.S. and the Daily Mail in the U.K. on the 23rd (local time), Beatrice Emma (26) received fat-dissolving injections on her arms, back, and stomach at a high-end clinic in Los Angeles (LA) three years ago. Hers was a vitamin C and B1 injection containing ‘deoxycholic acid’, an ingredient known to dissolve fat, and the price was 800 dollars (about 1.07 million won).

However, a few days after receiving her injection, abnormal signs appeared in her body. She began experiencing fever, chills, and cold sweats throughout the day, and swelling and red marks appeared in the area where she was treated. “Blisters, like warts, started growing in the area where she received the injection,” Beatrice said. “It felt like her whole body was being eaten away,” she said.

Beatrice went to the hospital because of unbearable pain, and it was confirmed that she had an abscess caused by a bacteria called Mycobacterium. Medical staff assumed that it was the result of improper injection of deoxycholic acid.

Since deoxycholic acid does not temporarily reduce the size of fat but irreversibly destroys fat cells, if it is injected incorrectly without considering the individual’s physical condition, nerve damage, pain, and swelling may occur.

“Everything in the clinic looked very legitimate토스카지노 도메인, clean, and professional, so I wasn’t worried about getting infected,” Beatrice said. “The staff even showed me a bottle of medicine, saying it was made by a very famous company.” He received more than 50 injections, including 10 in his arms, 20 in his waist, and 20 in his stomach.

Afterwards, he received antibiotic-containing fluids for 6 hours every day until September 2022 for the procedure. He then switched to oral antibiotics and stopped taking them last February. However, he relapsed in July and resumed his treatment.

Beatrice said, “I had multiple surgeries to remove as much of the infected tissue as possible. It took about a year for the skin wounds to heal, and even though it has been three years since I started treatment, I still continue to receive treatment to suppress the symptoms of complications.” I complained.






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