15th Division “Civil, public, and military unite to protect security and economy together”

The 15th Division’s Eagle Brigade held a 먹튀검증public-private-military harmony week event from the 23rd to the 25th with residents, public institutions, and military units to commemorate the first anniversary of unit relocation and reorganization.

This event, designed to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the unit’s reorganization and relocation, consisted of various programs with local residents to promote regional coexistence and spread national consensus on security as the unit moved from Bongori to Sachang-ri.

The public-private-military harmony week event, which started on the 23rd, included a military sports competition at the Sanae Sports Park on the first day, and on the second day, Naesan-myeon residents, students, and soldiers gathered together to participate in shoe throwing, pitching, big ball rolling, and other events. Community sports competitions such as relay races were held.

On the 25th, the last day of the event, Korean War veterans, residents, elementary school students, and soldiers’ families were invited to provide various experiences such as equipment exhibition, face painting, and dog tag making.

In addition, an integrated celebration performance consisting of a local club pungmul performance, a university club dance team, a soldier talent show, and an invited singer provided a time for the public, government, and military to become one.

During the event, the unit utilized the ‘Local Coexistence Soldiers’ Special Meal’ project to have all unit members eat out for soldiers and autonomous small units eat out. Residents expressed their gratitude to the Eagle Brigade, which is taking the lead in regional coexistence, saying that the unit’s efforts boosted the morale of soldiers and contributed greatly to revitalizing the local economy.

Brigadier Kim Hee-hwan, who hosted the event, said, “There were many difficult and difficult times while reorganizing and relocating the unit, but each time, I was able to overcome it together with the unit members thanks to the support from the local government and residents.”






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