“Nam Hyun-hee’s prospective groom, Jeon Cheong-jo, is a woman”?… Even graduation photos were ‘shocking’

Suspicions are spreading that former national fencing team member Nam Hyun-hee (42)’s prospective groom, Jeon Cheong-jo 토스카지노 주소(27), is female, not male. If the suspicions raised are true, the likelihood that Mr. Nam was defrauded increases. The two people’s current position is that they will respond strongly to false information.

On the 25th, a post claiming to be Jeon’s middle school graduation photo was posted on various online communities. Titles such as ‘Nam Hyun-hee’s husband Jeon Cheong-jo’s graduation photo revealed’ are spreading. The poster claimed that Jeon graduated from a girls’ middle school in Ganghwa-gun, Incheon in 2012, and posted a graduation photo of a female student wearing a nametag that read “Jeon Cheongjo.”

The authenticity of the photo has not yet been revealed. Her female student’s face is not visible except for part of her lips. The poster said, “I can’t bear to post her face,” and recalled, “She was just like her name, and her cheeks were chubby and cute when she was young.” Lee Jin-ho, a journalist-turned-YouTuber, also claimed on his YouTube channel the previous day that he had heard from a netizen who claimed to be an acquaintance of Jeon that ‘Jeon lived in Ganghwa Island and went to her mother’s middle school.’

On this day, entertainment media outlet Dispatch also reported that Mr. Jeon’s gender is female and that he was sentenced to two years and three months in prison in 2020 for defrauding about 300 million won from seven people in the past. According to this, in the Incheon District Court ruling that sentenced her to prison, Jeon was listed as a woman, not a man. The court pointed out the part where Jeon mentioned “my wife’s real brother,” and she said, “She, Jeon Qingjo, is a woman. Therefore, she cannot have my wife’s real brother.” As a result, attention is focused on whether or not her namesake is real.

In an interview with Women Chosun published on the 23rd, Nam announced the news of her marriage to Jeon, a businessman 15 years younger than her. The media introduced Mr. Jeon as a third-generation chaebol who was born in the United States and had lived in the United States for a long time. She also said she majored in horseback riding in New York. However, as suspicions that these facts are false are popping up online, the public’s attention is focused on them. Referring to pop artist Nancy Lang, who had to go through a legal dispute due to her fraudulent marriage, she even responded, “Isn’t she the next Nancy Lang?”

Amid the wave of controversy, Mr. Nam and Mr. Jeon have announced a hard-line response. On the 24th, Mr. Nam said on social network service ( SNS ), “If false information is spread due to false, malicious, or false posts through recently reported articles, we plan to respond strongly.” Ms. Jeon also warned on the same day, “We plan to respond strongly if false information is spread due to stories about a person like me or posts containing malicious or false content.”






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