Jeon Cheong-jo, “I registered my marriage because I had a child… I need money” transcript released

 Amid growing controversy over the past actions of former national fencing team member Nam Hyeon-hee, her prospective husband, Jeon Cheong-jo, including his history and gender, the circumstances surrounding Jeon’s fraud by claiming to have a child with a man have been revealed.

On the 25th , JTBC released a transcript showing Jeon asking for money from people around her boyfriend, saying, “I need money because I got pregnant before marriage with my boyfriend.”

Nam Hyun-hee previously introduced Jeon as her boyfriend and her husband-to-be in an interview with Women Chosun, and in an interview with Sports Chosun, she noted that she was “smitten with the manliness짱구카지노 도메인 of Jeon as he got down on her knees and confessed to her.” As of 2020, Jeon confirmed that she was a woman on official documents.

According to the media, her recording took place in January 2020. In her transcript, she explained that Jeon would take out her loans in the name of her boyfriend at the time, Mr. Lee, under the pretext that she was running an etiquette training academy.

“If I go in as a guarantor, the loan comes out quite well,” she said. “She knows the bank president, and she has been using credit cards since she was 20, so her credit rating is pretty good.” “If I act as a guarantor, many loans will be issued,” she added.

It was confirmed that she also revealed, “She had a child with Mr. Lee and she also completed the marriage registration.” She also claimed that Jeon’s parents made a down payment to buy her a house worth 6 to 7 billion won in Hannam-dong, but after she quit her job, Lee said she did not have the money, so she lost it all.

Ms. Jeon prevented her boyfriend, Ms. Lee, from contacting her acquaintances. Even when her friends called Lee, Jeon reportedly answered the phone. When asked by her friends, ‘Why are you blocking contact with her?’, Jeon said, “I’m blocking Lee from contacting her because she did something wrong.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Jeon was sentenced to two years and three months in prison by the Incheon District Court in May of the same year on charges of defrauding victims of approximately 220 million won.






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