G-Dragon was also booked on suspicion of drug use… ‘Ripple effect’ spreading in the entertainment industry

It was confirmed that along with먹튀검증 actor Lee Sun-gyun (48), singer G-Dragon (35, real name Kwon Ji-yong, pictured) was also booked by the police on charges of drug use. Following Lee, singer Kwon was also found to have taken drugs, which is expected to cause a big stir in the entertainment industry.

The Incheon Police Agency Metropolitan Investigation Unit announced on the 25th that it had booked Mr. Kwon on charges of violating the Narcotics Management Act. The police said that the previously booked case of Mr. Lee and Mr. Kwon’s drug use case were separate cases. It is known that the police obtained a statement about Kwon during a search and seizure of a female employee of an entertainment establishment and an investigation. A police official said, “It is true that we have booked Mr. Kwon on suspicion of drug use,” and added, “We have not yet summoned him for investigation and have not conducted a reagent test, so the exact circumstances of drug use can only be known through investigation.”

Regarding Mr. Kwon’s indictment, a YG Entertainment official said, “It is difficult to respond to G-Dragon because his contract ended in June.”

Mr. Kwon, the leader of the group Big Bang, was investigated by the prosecution on charges of smoking marijuana in 2011, but the indictment was suspended at the time. At the time, Kwon’s agency, YG Entertainment, explained, “At a drinking party during a Japan tour, a young Japanese man offered me a cigarette and I took two or three sips as a favor.”

The police will conduct a supplementary investigation into the types of drugs and number of doses taken by actor Lee, and plan to notify Lee of his attendance soon. The police booked three people, including Mr. Lee, Mr. A, who was arrested on charges of taking psychotropic drugs on the 21st, and Mr. B, a female employee in her 20s who worked with Mr. A at an entertainment establishment.

The police are also conducting internal investigations (investigation before indictment) on five people, including a third-generation chaebol family member, an aspiring singer, and a former broadcaster-turned-composer. As Mr. Kwon was additionally booked on this day, the total number of people being investigated by the Incheon Police Agency for drug use increased to 9.






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