Lumpy skin disease spreads inland… It spread to Incheon and Gangwon.

Lumpiskin virus, a skin disease that only infects cattle, is spreading rapidly.

Recently, it has mainly occurred in the west coast area, but this time, infection was confirmed in Yanggu, Gangwon-do, an inland area.

Reporter Hong Seong-wook covered the story.

The entrance to a Korean beef farm in Yanggu, Gangwon-do.

Officials from the Livestock Sanitation and Quarantine Support Headquarters wearing quarantine uniforms control the entry and exit of vehicles and people.

Near the farmhouse behind the blocking line, excavator work for burial disposal is in full swing.

At a farm raising 29 Korean cattle, one 7-month-old female calf showed suspicious symptoms, including a high fever, and upon thorough examination, it was finally confirmed to be lumpy skin disease.

This is in front of a Korean beef farm in Yanggu, Gangwon-do, where bovine lumpy skin disease occurred. This is the first time that lumpy skin disease has occurred in the Gangwon region.

Gangwon Province buried all the cattle in the굿모닝토토 farm and issued a 24-hour temporary suspension of movement for all cattle farms in the Gangwon region.

The problem is the speed of spread.

Since the first confirmed case was discovered at a livestock farm in Seosan, South Chungcheong Province on the 20th, the virus has been spreading rapidly.

The confirmed cases, which were mainly on the west coast, spread to Incheon and Yanggu, inland Gangwon-do, within five days.

It is known to be mainly spread through blood-sucking insects such as mosquitoes and spittle flies, and the outbreak has been confirmed in Yanggu, Gangwon-do, nearly 200km away from the existing outbreak area.

The number of confirmed farms is increasing day by day.

Some are raising the possibility that the lumpy skin virus, which has an incubation period of up to 28 days, has already spread throughout the country.

[Local government official: After the voice came out in North Chungcheong Province, a report was made (in Yanggu, Gangwon-do). Now the positive confirmation has been finalized. If that’s the case, I don’t think it would be strange no matter where it comes from in our country.]

To prevent the spread, quarantine authorities are pushing for continuous control and thorough disinfection of currently active blood-sucking insects and are making every effort to vaccinate them.

This is YTN Hong Seong-wook.






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