A woman in her 20s at an entertainment establishment is a ‘key man’… Lee Sun-gyun drug suspicion, 31-year-old composer also implicated

The Incheon Police Agency Metropolitan Investigation Unit (Captain Lee Jae-hong), which is investigating the suspicion of drug use by actor Lee Seon-kyun (48), is focusing its investigation on Mr. A (29), an employee of an entertainment establishment. This is because Mr. A, who was arrested on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act on the 21st, has emerged as a key figure to prove Mr. Lee’s charges.

On the 24th, a police official said, “It is correct to view Mr. A as the ‘key man’ in this case.” According to the police, last month, the Incheon Police Agency received intelligence that drug use was taking place at an entertainment establishment in Gangnam, Seoul. The police discovered that Mr. A had taken Philopon during the investigation (internal investigation) before charging eight people, including Mr. applied for. On the 21st, the court issued an arrest warrant for Mr. A, saying, “There is a risk of him running away.”

Previously, the police reportedly captured records of several phone calls he had made with Lee Seon-gyun on Mr. A’s cell phone. It was also revealed that Mr. A demanded 350 million won from Mr. Lee. In response to this, on the 20th, Mr. Lee filed a complaint against Mr. A to the Incheon District짱구카지노 주소 Prosecutors’ Office on charges of blackmail. Mr. Lee’s lawyer said in a phone call with the JoongAng Ilbo, “The complaint did not contain drug-related content,” but the police suspect that Mr. A demanded money from Mr. Lee, saying he would expose the fact that he inhaled and administered drugs. The police, who received the case from the prosecution on the 23rd, plan to simultaneously investigate the complaint.

Meanwhile, it was belatedly revealed that Mr. B (31), a former broadcaster and composer, was among those involved in suspicion of drug use and being investigated before being booked. It is said that in the middle of last month, the police also detected clues related to Mr. B during the intelligence verification process. However, it is said that Mr. B’s name was only mentioned in the intelligence, and the suspicion of drug use was not specifically revealed. In addition to Mr. B, the police are also investigating a third-generation member of a chaebol family and an aspiring celebrity before booking them on suspicion of drug use. Mr. B appeared on an entertainment program in 2009 and was consecutively sentenced to prison for drug use in 2016 and 2021.

Suspicion of using multiple drugs, including marijuanaMeanwhile, the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency announced on the 25th that it booked Mr. Lee without detention on the 24th and applied marijuana and psychotropic charges under the Narcotic Drugs Control Act. The police suspect that Mr. Lee inhaled and administered two or more types of drugs, including marijuana, several times somewhere in Seoul. The police explained, “We believe that Mr. Lee may have inhaled or administered drugs at a place other than his home or an entertainment establishment, and we are confirming the exact facts.” In relation to this incident, the police have converted one employee of the entertainment establishment into a suspect in addition to Mr. Lee and Mr. A. A police official said, “We plan to summon Mr. Lee and investigate soon in coordination with Mr. Lee’s side.” Mr. Lee’s lawyer said, “(Mr. Lee) is in the position that he will attend the investigative agency and be investigated faithfully. “I plan to reveal my position at that time,” he said.






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