When I rode it, there was no ‘oh my’… ‘Grandeur price’ drastically changed Japanese car “I bought an electric car for no reason, right?”

“It came out like this a long time ago,” is one line about

Honda’s new Accord Hybrid ( HEV ). There is a reason. This is because the ‘excessive simplicity’, which was highlighted as an advantage but a disadvantage, was eliminated and sophistication, luxury, and dynamism were all strengthened.

Accord is Honda’s representative sedan. It is the best-selling model sold the most in the North American market based on approximately 50 years of heritage.

The main enemy is Toyota Camry. Its weight class is similar to that of the Hyundai Sonata or Kia K5 , but its domestic sales price is the same as that of the top model of the Hyundai Grandeur.

The secret to Accord’s popularity is its excellent durability and ease of use. The downside is also okay. Neither the design nor the performance attracts attention at first glance.

You have to keep riding it to know its true value. As a ‘Honda of technology’, it has solid durability that does not upset the driver and does not tire even if you drive for a long time, giving you the feeling of having driven it for 1 year even if you have driven it for 10 years.

This is because they tend to be ‘good friends when you meet’ who are comfortable just being together even if you don’t have a lot of fun, and ‘friends who are like relaxation’ who don’t get tired of being together for a long time and are healing.

New Accord, a stylish dad’s car that breaks away from being ordinary

My friend, who was far from being cool because he enjoyed wearing comfortable clothes that looked like ‘Ajae’ (a lower-level term for ‘mister’), has finally opened his eyes to being fashionable.

The well-ironed ‘knife wrinkle’ business look was styled by folding the wrists of the shirt to look neat and comfortable.

The outline of my face became clearer, my belly fat disappeared, and my physical appearance improved. He is a young brother, not an old man. It is a new all-new Accord.

The all-new Accord is released in two models: hybrid and gasoline. The price (including VAT) is 53.4 million won for the All-New Accord Hybrid Touring and 43.9 million won for the All-New Accord Turbo.

The test car was the all-new Accord Hybrid Touring. The total length x total width x total height is 4970x1860x1450mm. It is 65mm longer than the existing model (4905x1860x1450mm). The wheelbase is the same at 2830mm.

The appearance is a complete departure from the normal appearance of the existing Accord. It looks like a premium German sedan. I can feel the Audi sensibility as well.

This is because the overall length is longer, the bonnet is stretched out, and the fastback style is applied, making it sleek and elegant. The front part pursues a clear and strong image with

blackout full LED headlamps and a mesh design front grill.

The side part shows a sleek coupe-shaped silhouette with a roof line extending from the sturdy front of the long nose type.

A horizontal character line was applied just above the door handle. It adds a neat yet strong look, like a well-ironed military uniform.

The rear part focuses on a sophisticated and stable design with horizontal design full LED rear lamps.

Economical combination of analog and digital

The interior is completely out of the ordinary and ordinary. It was designed with a layout that increases usability to enable intuitive and simple operation. It has become more sophisticated and luxurious by emphasizing details such as color, material, and special sewing.

Digital convenience, which domestic consumers were disappointed with, has also been improved. A 10.2-inch TFT digital dashboard and a new center display audio that has been significantly enlarged to 12.3 inches were adopted.

New 3D animation graphics that can change the vehicle angle through touch operation have also been applied.

A large number of specifications popular among domestic consumers were applied , such as heated front and rear seats, front ventilated seats, heated steering wheel, head-up display, BOSE premium audio system, and smartphone wireless charging system. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay can be connected both wired and wireless.

The air conditioning system is operated with three dials and buttons. For frequently used functions, the analog method, which allows you to operate the desired function conveniently and quickly, has been adopted instead of the stylish but inconvenient digital method.

In the center of the center fascia where the air vents are located, a design with a diamond-shaped pattern that continues like a net up, down, left and right was applied. We pursued differentiation along with a sense of unity from the Honda CR-V,

which adopted a honeycomb pattern . The second row has a raised center tunnel, but three average-sized adults can ride without much inconvenience. It is also equipped with two USB Type C ports for second-row passengers . The trunk capacity is 473L, the largest in its class. By folding the second-row seats, you can also load bulky luggage. The smart key also includes a trunk full-open function. However, the steering wheel position control and trunk closing functions are manual. A cross section of the roof inner finishing material was also exposed. The rough surface has been smoothed out, but it is not wrapped on the inside, so it does not feel good to the touch. Honda’s strategy is to focus money on where it is needed rather than where it is not too inconvenient, but this is something that domestic consumers who prefer ‘auto’ and ‘luxury’ will regret.

Received ‘highest grade’ in U.S. crash safety tests

The hybrid powertrain consists of a 4th generation 2-motor hybrid system that enhances dynamic performance. It combines

the newly developed 2.0L direct injection Atkinson engine and e-CVT . Acceleration performance is improved compared to existing powertrains, allowing for a sportier driving experience.

The engine has a maximum output of 147 horsepower and a maximum torque of 18.4 kg·m. The motor has a maximum output of 184 horsepower and a maximum torque of 34kg∙m. The EV driving range has been expanded

by adding a ‘charging mode’ that can charge the battery while driving using the engine . The driving force that enables EV driving in the speed range below 50 km/ h has also been increased. Honda was the first to apply a motion management system that helps the driver control the car as intended. The powertrain and brakes are integratedly controlled according to the steering wheel operation to optimally control the additional deceleration during cornering. To increase the grip of all tires, deceleration is created to control pitch motion. Steering response is immediate in snowy or rainy road conditions or tight cornering situations, improving handling performance. The all-new Accord Hybrid has acquired two types of low-emission vehicles and receives benefits such as discounts on public and airport parking lots.

Since it is used as a family car, attention has been paid to safety. Honda SENSING , an advanced driver assistance system applied as standard to the All-New Accord, consists of a wide-angle camera with a viewing angle of up to 90 degrees and a radar with a recognition range of up to 120 degrees. The performance

of Automatic Cruise Control ( ACC ) and Lane Keeping Assist System ( LKAS ) has been improved. Traffic Jam Assist ( TJA ) , a steering assistance system that detects lanes with a camera and operates from 0 km/ h in

congested traffic situations in the city, has also been newly added. In addition, the Collision Mitigation Braking System ( CMBS ), Road Departure Mitigation System ( RDM ), Auto High Beam ( AHB ), and Rear Blind Spot Warning System ( BSI ) were applied. It also adopted the ACE ( Advanced Compatibility Engineering ) body structure and an advanced 10-airbag system, including rear side airbags and front knee airbags. It received the highest rating of ‘ TSP +’ ( Top Safety Pick +) in the famously strict Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ( IIHS ) crash evaluation .

Quietness+Boss sound=Gorgasm

When you sit in the driver’s seat, you feel that the seat position is set low. Thanks to the horizontal dashboard, driving visibility is also good.

Gear shifting has returned from the ‘absurd’ electronic shift button to the gear stick method that preserves the feel of the hand.

Eoi was mistakenly known as a millstone handle (matson). Regardless of the spelling, it is often used to mean ‘handle’. Even car gear sticks can be seen as odd.

The drive mode adds an individual mode that allows the driver to freely combine settings to the existing ECON , normal, and sports modes.

When driving at low or medium speeds in eco/normal mode, it is just an electric car. It moves quietly and smoothly. It can run in electric vehicle ( EV ) mode up to 50 km/h.

EV mode has a charge function that can charge the battery while driving. During city driving, you can run without using a drop of oil.

It blocks wind noise well and suppresses road noise well. This is the effect of covering the entire engine with a urethane cover and adding noise and vibration absorbing materials.

Because it is quiet and quiet, the Bose sound system consisting of 12 high-performance speakers including a large-capacity subwoofer causes ‘eargasm’ (ear + orgasm).

It goes over speed bumps smoothly. When going over a bump at around 60 km/h, it absorbs shock relatively well and accelerates smoothly.

Electric car ⇄ sports sedan, transformer

In sports mode, the engine exerts its power in earnest along with the virtual sound engine. If you look at the speedometer, the speed is much faster than what you feel with your body.

High-speed stability is also excellent. Braking performance is also stable. The zigzag section is a lot of fun. It enters corners sharply and exits smoothly.

Understeer, which causes the car to deviate from the outside, is also well suppressed. The seat also holds the shaking body well. It feels like an invisible hand is holding the car body, pushing and pulling when necessary.

This is due to the application of a motion토토사이트 management system that integrates control of the powertrain and brakes according to steering wheel operation, and controls additional deceleration during cornering.

Fuel efficiency is very excellent. When running the 70 km distance from Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do to Gangneung, I used the sports mode, which consumes a lot of fuel, about half of the time, and often used rapid acceleration and ℓ sudden starts, but only 17 km/km.It came out to about ℓ.

Certified fuel efficiency (16.7km/ℓ) or more. Among the reporters who took the test ride together, it was 20km/There were many more than ℓ.

What is disappointing is the adaptive cruise control. Performance is good on straight sections of the highway, but on curved sections, you can feel the movement going back and forth between lanes. It doesn’t deviate from my lane, but there are times when it makes me anxious.

The new Accord HEV is a ‘transformer’ that changes into an electric vehicle at low and medium speeds and a sports sedan at high speeds. Above all, it has become smarter by improving the design and convenience, which were disappointing because they were too ordinary.

The taste that had disappeared was brought back to life, and the taste of life was enhanced through an unconventional transformation.

Even from the perspective of car models that compete directly or indirectly, an absurd situation can occur. This is because the competitiveness of the ‘Honda of technology’ has improved so much that it is not just a Honda.

The main target is people in their 30s to 50s who are looking for a dad car that is comfortable, safe, and saves on maintenance costs in the 50 million won range. These are buyers who want to drive an imported car instead of domestically produced mid-size or semi-large sedans such as Sonata and Grandeur, but feel burdened by the Mercedes E-Class and BMW

5 Series , which cost more than 60 million won and have relatively high maintenance costs .






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