Lee Hwi-jae earned at least 6 billion won… What are you doing with the twins these days?

It is reported that broadcaster Lee Hwi-jae recently sold his villa and made a profit of 6 billion won.

According to Biz Korea on the 20th, Lee Hwi-jae recently sold a duplex unit (exclusive area of ​​69 pyeong) in Building 2 of Hyosung Villa in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul for about 9,026.9 million won.

Hwijae Lee purchased Hyosung Villa in March 2000. It is known that the buyer who purchased the villa was a real estate토스카지노 development company.

The real estate industry said that Lee Hwi-jae purchased the villa before the sale price was announced, so it is difficult to know the exact market profit. However, considering that the sale price of Samik Apartment in Cheongdam-dong in 1998 was 175 million won, it was predicted that there would be a market profit of at least 6 billion won.

Hyosung Villa, built in the 1980s, has been attracting attention as a reconstruction investment site because it has a large land area with a small number of households.






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