You can’t even watch trailers in Korea… Itaewon disaster documentary ‘Crush’

Ahead of the first anniversary of the Itaewon disaster, which killed 159 people in one night, a documentary was released overseas that pointed out the cause and process of the disaster. However, it cannot be viewed in Korea. On the 17th (local time), the U.S. Paramount company released a two-part굿모닝토토 주소 documentary called ‘ Crush ‘, which focuses on the tragedy that occurred in Itaewon on October 29th last year through its

own online video service ( OTT ) platform, Paramount Plus. This documentary was made based on 1,500 hours of records, including cell phone, surveillance camera ( CCTV ), and body camera footage. By replaying the recording of the report filed with the police at the time, the overall problems with the government’s response are also pointed out.However, this documentary cannot be viewed in Korea, where the disaster occurred. Even if you press the play button on the official trailer video posted on the Paramount Plus website and YouTube official account, only an error screen appears. Rather than launching its own platform like Netflix or Disney Plus, Paramount Plus is providing domestic services by opening a brand center on TVing, Korea’s native OTT service. There has not yet been an official statement from TVING regarding the provision of ‘Crush’ content.

The documentary reenacted the tragedy that occurred in the middle of the city through videos of the tense scenes at the time. The official trailer video clearly captures the desperate voice of a rescue worker on site saying, “There are too many people, so we have to give up on those who are ready to give up and save those who can be saved first,” as well as a barrage of screams, “Please save us!” Interviews were also included with an American student who went to Itaewon with a friend and survived alone, a Korean illustrator who suffered paralysis after being buried in a crowd of people, and an American soldier who pulled unconscious people out of the crowd.

The production team finds the cause of the disaster in politics. Co-executive producer Jeff Zimbalist told the Guardian, “South Korea is a very well-prepared and experienced country in dealing with large crowds due to frequent protests, so we have to ask why the Sewol and Itaewon disasters were an exception. “The clear commonality between the two disasters is that most of the attendees and victims were young people,” he said.






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