Son Heung-min, wearing Galaxy Watch, drank a whole apple as soon as he woke up

Samsung Electronics is attracting attention by releasing a Galaxy Watch 6 advertisement video targeting rival Apple짱구카지노 주소.

On the 20th, Samsung Electronics posted a video titled ‘Your day starts at night with the Galaxy Watch 6’ on its official YouTube channel, featuring soccer player Son Heung-min, a Galaxy product ambassador.

The video begins with Son Heung-min playing a soccer game. But in fact, this image is part of Son Heung-min’s dream in a state of ‘ REM (Rapid Eye Movement ) sleep’, a light sleep.

The caster who was broadcasting the game in Son Heung-min’s dream said, “Now, when Sonny (Son Heung-min) falls into a deep sleep, this dream will end. Sleep takes up one-third of our lives. “To sleep well, you need to live well the rest of your waking hours, and when you sleep, you need to use the sleep tracking function of the Galaxy Watch,” he said, emphasizing the sleep management (sleep care) technology of the Galaxy Watch 6.

According to Samsung Electronics, the main feature of ‘Galaxy Watch 6’ is its sleep management function. This function is characterized by allowing users to intuitively view the results of in-depth analysis of factors such as sleep time, sleep cycle, waking time, and degree of physical and mental health recovery.

Recently, Samsung Electronics is further evolving its sleep management function with the Galaxy Watch 6 receiving approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for early detection of sleep apnea symptoms (stopping breathing during sleep).

Sleep apnea symptoms interfere with the supply of oxygen to the blood and reduce sleep quality. If symptoms are severe, it can cause complications such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, or cognitive impairment.

Meanwhile, in this Samsung Electronics video, it is noticeable that an apple, symbolizing its competitor Apple, appears directly. This is a scene where Son Heung-min wakes up, takes a bite of an apple, puts it in a blender, and drinks it.

The industry believes that Samsung Electronics is actively demonstrating the superiority of its Galaxy Watch by targeting the Apple Watch.






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