‘Internal investigation on drug charges’ Lee Sun-gyun “I was threatened and lost hundreds of millions of won”

It has been confirmed that the police have카지노사이트 caught actor Lee Sun-kyun (48) and a third-generation member of a chaebol family on suspicion of drug use and are conducting an investigation (internal investigation) before indictment. Mr. Lee said, “I was threatened and defrauded of hundreds of millions of won in connection with the drug case,” and filed a complaint with the prosecution against one of the people involved in the case.

According to the legal community and the police on the 20th, the Incheon Police Agency’s drug crime investigation department is investigating a total of eight people, including Mr. Lee, by internal investigation or criminal charges for violating the law on drug management. These eight people are suspected of taking drugs several times this year at entertainment establishments or residences in Gangnam, Seoul. Mr. Lee is still a resident. The police reportedly found clues related to Mr. Lee’s drug use.

Lee’s agency, Hodu & U Entertainment, issued a statement on the same day, saying, “Lee Sun-kyun has been receiving continuous blackmail and threats from people related to the incident. We are verifying the exact facts in the allegations raised. “He will faithfully participate in investigations by investigative agencies with a sincere attitude,” he said. Mr. Lee recently filed a complaint with the prosecution through his lawyer against one of the people involved in the incident on charges of blackmail.

Lee has appeared in several films and dramas since his debut in 1999. He made his name known internationally by starring in director Bong Joon-ho’s film ‘Parasite’, which won Best Picture, Director, Screenplay, and International Feature Film at the 92nd American Academy Awards in 2020.

In addition to Mr. Lee, the police are also investigating Mr. A, a third-generation chaebol family member, and Mr. B, an aspiring singer. However, Mr. A and Mr. B were only mentioned during the investigation of other people involved, and the suspicion of drug use was not specifically revealed, so they were classified as internal victims rather than suspects. The police also plan to confirm drug use charges against them.






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