“Is your tone different from usual?” A dental hygienist’s intuition saved a stroke patient’s life

The story of a dental hygienist who saved a patient’s life by immediately calling 119 after hearing the slurred speech of a patient with a ‘no-show’ reservation and had a hunch that there was a health메이저사이트 problem was revealed.

According to the Sejong City Fire Department on the 20th, the protagonist of this story is Oh Yoon-mi (35), who works as a dental hygienist at a dental clinic.

Ms. Oh called when the patient did not show up even though her appointment time had passed around 10 a.m. on the 19th, and she sensed that it was a dangerous situation when she heard an unusual tone of voice coming over the phone. In response, Ms. Oh said, “While she was talking on the phone with a patient who had a reservation, the patient’s speech was slurred unlike usual,” and she immediately called 119.

Ms. Oh’s concerns became reality when Choi So-young, a 30-year-old firefighter from the 119 Comprehensive Situation Room who received her report, called the patient back. The patient, who was finally able to be contacted after several phone attempts, could not speak properly and only moaned intermittently. Based on her experience, Fire Brigade Choi recognized that the patient was in serious condition and immediately gave the ‘Pumpulence’ command. Pumpulance is a system in which a fire pump vehicle and an ambulance are dispatched together. First aid equipment is placed inside the pump vehicle, allowing initial action for emergency patients.

After searching mobile phone location information to determine the patient’s location, the fire department found Mr. A (63) sitting in a field near his home in Wachon-ri, Sejong City. At the time of discovery, Mr. A was in a state of unconsciousness with symptoms of hemiplegia. When the paramedics performed a stroke scale test before arriving at the hospital, a suspicious reaction was detected.

As the paramedics immediately transported Mr. A to a nearby cerebrovascular center, Mr. A was able to receive appropriate treatment in the early stages of the disease. It is reported that Mr. A is currently receiving drug treatment in the intensive care unit.

Kim Young-geun, head of the 119 General Situation Center, said, “In a situation that could have been overlooked, we were able to protect precious lives thanks to the active reporting of citizens, the accurate judgment of the situation by the firefighter who received the report, and the quick response of the on-site paramedics.” “For safety reasons, we will do our best to avoid missing any emergency situations.”






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