Grandmother suspected of sudden attack in Gangneung cleared of charges of killing grandson

A grandmother in her 60s, who lost her 12-year-old grandson in a suspected car accident in Gangneung last year and was booked on charges of causing death under the Special Traffic Accidents Act, was found not guilty by the police. According to her grandmother A’s side on the 17th, the Gangneung Police Station recently closed

Ms. A’s case with ‘no charges ( insufficient evidence) ‘. Although there was evidence to believe that this accident was Mr. A’s fault, it was included in the existing National Forensic Service (National Forensic Service) analysis results, but even so, it was judged to be insufficient to conclude that it was Mr. A’s fault. In a criminal case involving a suspected sudden acceleration accident, it is considered unusual for the police to decide not to accept the National Forensic Service’s analysis results and to not forward the case.

The police said that it was possible to assume that the brakes were operating normally based on the National Forensic Service’s assessment that no mechanical defects that could cause malfunction were found in the braking system, but there is a limitation in that the assessment is not the result of an actual engine operation and inspection. pointed out.

In addition, it was concluded that the National Forensic Service’s analysis results were insufficient to be used as evidence because it was not a test that could check whether the braking system was operating normally or unexpected machine malfunctions during actual vehicle operation.

In a situation where the results of a private professional agency’s analysis in the civil suit filed by Mr. A against the manufacturer were contradictory to the National Forensic Service’s analysis, the police decided that it would be difficult to hold Mr. A guilty solely based on the National Forensic Service’s analysis results.

Previously, in relation to Mr. A’s case, the National Forensic Service released an analysis result that said, ‘It is determined that there is no mechanical defect in the vehicle’s brake system that could cause braking failure, and the accident may have occurred because the driver of the vehicle stepped on the accelerator pedal rather than the brake pedal.’ .

Accordingly, Mr. A is claiming innocence through a civil lawsuit, saying, “The National Forensic Service’s analysis cannot be trusted메이저사이트.”

The suspected sudden acceleration accident that Mr. A experienced occurred in Hongje-dong, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do on December 6 last year.

Mr. A was driving a sports utility vehicle (SUV) with his grandson Do-hyeon Lee (12 years old at the time of death) at the time.

Mr. A’s vehicle suddenly started accelerating with a loud noise and smoke, and hit the car in front that was waiting at the signal.

Then, after running another 600m, it crossed over a 4-lane road and crashed into an underground passage.

In this accident, Mr. A was seriously injured and Do-hyeon died.

In the car black box video, Mr. A says, “Oh my, why isn’t this working?” “We’re in big trouble,” a panicked voice said. Soon, Mr. A’s voice can be heard calling Do-hyeon’s name sadly, as if he sensed the accident.

Afterwards, a video containing Mr. A’s story and the circumstances surrounding his suspected sudden attack spread online, forming public opinion in favor of Mr. A.

Do-hyeon’s father also defended Mr. A, saying, “What is certain is that my mother is not guilty.”






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