Emergency meeting held by the Korean Medical Association, warning of a ‘hard-line struggle’… “I got hit in the back” and there was a lot of anger

The government emphatically stated today (17th) that “increasing the number of doctors cannot be delayed any longer.” The situation is so serious that problems such as pediatric open runs and emergency room hit-and-runs are popping up everywhere. However, this time too, the Medical Association is vehemently opposed and is fiddling with the ‘strike card’. The chairman of the pediatricians who are parties to the ‘Pediatrics Open Run’ even stated, “I will lead the doctors’ strike separately from the medical association.” There are concerns that the government may take another step back at this rate, so let’s go to the Medical Association, which has just started an emergency meeting.

Reporter Hwang Ye-rin, what is being discussed now? Is a strike being discussed?


The emergency meeting of the medical association started 50 minutes ago.

Just before the meeting, Lee Pil-soo, chairman of the Korean Medical Association, issued a statement saying that if the government unilaterally pushed ahead with the announcement of the number of seats without communicating with the medical community, it could enter into a strong struggle using all means available.

One official reacted angrily to reporters just before the meeting, saying, “The government was effectively stabbed in the back by saying that it had reduced the quota by 500 or 1,000 people without consulting with the Korean Medical Association.”

It is said that they are currently discussing how to respond in detail in the future.


The open-run problem has emerged in pediatrics. But why is the head of the Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Association opposing the idea, even saying that they will go on strike and that one doctor should be the minister?


Yes, Lim Hyun-taek, president of the Korean Pediatrics and Adolescent Medical Association, said this morning, saying that the reason the government is increasing the number of medical school students is because Minister of Health and Welfare Cho Kyu-hong lacks understanding of the policy.

[Lim Hyun-taek/Chairman of the Korean Association of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine: Cho Gyu-hong should be fired immediately. A doctor who has been well known for at least 20 years should be appointed as minister, and a movement to enlist as a private soldier instead of serving as a public health doctor or military doctor for more than 37 months will be immediately implemented.] At a time when we need to think about how to prevent sick children from waiting for a long time

. There are criticisms that this is an inappropriate statement.


What is the government’s position on this backlash from doctors?


The government appears to have effectively issued an ultimatum, saying that the shortage of doctors is an unavoidable fact.

Minister Cho Gyu-hong held a meeting of the Medical Manpower Committee today and said that the increase in the number of doctors can no longer be postponed given the reality of pediatric open runs and emergency room shortages.

At the same time, he also asked the Korean Medical안전놀이터 Association to provide feasible alternatives, including expanding manpower.

It appears that the number of doctors will increase significantly despite opposition from the Korean Medical Association, and at the same time, a window for dialogue has been opened for the time being.






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