“It’s free in Korea, but Japan charges 270,000 won” Japanese government says “there is no problem” in response to controversy over Israel evacuation costs

Due to the armed conflict between Israel and the Palestinian armed faction Hamas, countries around the world are mobilizing charter flights to bring back their nationals staying there. Meanwhile, the Japanese government has stated that it is appropriate to charge evacuation fees to its citizens who wish to leave Israel.

Japanese government spokesperson Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said at a press conference on the morning of the 16th, “You could board a Korean military aircraft for free, but you have to pay 30,000 yen (approximately 270,000 won) to board a Japanese government chartered plane. Do you think the response is appropriate?” When asked, he said, “I think it was appropriate.”

Minister Matsuno also explained at a press conference this afternoon, “Based on a comprehensive judgment, we thought it was appropriate to impose the cost burden on the passengers, and we informed this in advance and sought their understanding before boarding.”

He said, “There is a realistic option of leaving the country using a regular commercial flight, and there are many citizens who actually purchased airline tickets and left the country,” implying that the issue of fairness was behind the decision to pay. Previously, the Japanese government arranged a charter메이저사이트 flight to transport

eight Japanese nationals who wanted to leave the country from Israel to the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ).

They had to pay 30,000 yen per person.

However, it is known that 51 Japanese nationals and their families who evacuated from Israel on a Korean Air Force transport plane along with 163 Koreans and arrived in Korea on the 14th did not pay any special expenses.

It is reported that the Korean government proposed boarding Japanese passengers for humanitarian reasons, as there were still seats on the plane, excluding Koreans who wanted to board.

However, there were voices of criticism among Japanese people about having to pay 30,000 yen per person for the Japanese government charter plane, while the Korean transport plane was free.

The Japanese government sent an Air Self-Defense Force transport plane to Djibouti, East Africa, where the Self-Defense Forces are based, in case transportation using a chartered plane is not feasible.






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