“DL Group, 8 people are dead! “Why are you letting me die!”

Yesterday, during the audit of the National안전놀이터 Assembly’s Environment and Labor Committee, DL E&C (formerly Daelim Industrial) was criticized for its insensitivity to safety.

The Hwan-ro committee particularly paid attention to the case of the late Kang Bo-kyung, 29, who died after falling while working at the DL Apartment construction site in Busan last August.

Two months ago, Mr. Kang died after falling out of the building along with a window weighing about 100 kg while replacing broken glass on the 6th floor of an apartment building under construction.

DL and its subcontractor, KCC , have claimed that they are not responsible, saying they only told them to move the glass but did not tell them to replace it.

However, recently, the contents of the group chat room of construction officials, which were different from the company’s explanation, were revealed, raising suspicions of lies.

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After the Serious Accident Punishment Act came into effect in January last year, a total of seven accidents occurred at DL E&C construction sites, and eight workers died. Ma Chang-min, CEO of DL

E&C, who appeared at the National Assembly inspection yesterday, attended the National Assembly a year ago and promised to “strengthen safety measures,” but fatal accidents continued this year. Rep. Kim Young-jin of the Democratic Party also said, ” Who is the largest shareholder of DL E&C? DL Group Chairman Lee Hae-wook, the head of the group, should appear as a witness, not CEO Ma, who is in charge of management.” Mr. Kang’s bereaved family is calling for an investigation into the truth and punishment of the manager. How different was DL E&C CEO Ma Chang-min’s statement from a year ago and yesterday’s statement? Check it out in the video.






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