‘Ostapenko Killer’ Baek Da-yeon, “We’re going to the quarterfinals too!”

Baek Da-yeon, a defensive tennis expert who defeated a major champion while playing the ‘game of her life’, will challenge for the quarterfinals of the Korea Open tomorrow (12th).

Based on the momentum and confidence from the bronze medal win in Hangzhou, we are preparing for another upset.

Reporter Seo Bong-guk reports.

Baek Da-yeon, who teamed up with her team’s junior Jeong Bo-young, gave our women’s tennis their first Asian Games doubles medal in 13 years!

The momentum continued at the Korea Open, the only professional tennis tour held in Seoul.

She took and took, and made it to the round of 16 by defeating the 2017 French Open champion Ostapenko, synonymous with ‘Dakgong’.

Her performance, which surpassed the gap of 500 places in her ranking, was also noted as an ‘upset’ by the women’s professional tennis tour.

[Baek Da-yeon / NH Nonghyup Bank: (The opponent) was very aggressive, so I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it consistently, so I tried to keep trying until the end, but I guess I was in a hurry and made a lot of opponent errors.] Since my third year of middle school, I’ve won 4 consecutive wins at the Jang Ho Cup, the highest authority in the junior division

. Baek Da-yeon, who was spotlighted as a next-generation promising star.

Her signature suffocating defense has become even more solid after wearing her Taegeuk badge and experiencing the Fed Cup in the first half of this year and the Asian Games this fall.

Her next opponent is Burrell, a powerhouse안전놀이터 ranked in the top 100.

With his first Pro Tour victory, he has secured a career-high ranking of 480th place next week, so he is determined to play his game without pressure.

[Baek Da-yeon / NH Nonghyup Bank: I want to defend more (in front), but play more aggressively with the forehand, which I like.]

Ace Jang Soo-jeong, who passed the first round by defeating 2020 Australian Open winner Kenin, is ranked 116th. With Bektas, I will be challenging the quarterfinals for the second time in my career.

This is Seo Bong-guk from YTN.






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