Bundang Business High School Jeong Chae-won dreams of becoming the next Yang Dong-geun and Byun Jun-hyung

As fall approaches, the used basketball season is coming to a close. After the National Sports Festival, which opens this week, each school is expected to begin preparations for the new season with an eye toward next year.

In the atmosphere of waiting for 2024, there is a female athlete who is attracting attention. My name is Jeong Chae-won, a second-year guard at Bundang Business High School.

Chaewon Jeong is a promising prospect in high school girls’ basketball. This year, she led the season 3 crown of Bundang Management Go. At the spring federation competition held last spring, she swept the competition’s top award, top scorer, and defender awards.

Bundang Management High School’s Heo Yu-jeong and Byun Ha-jeong, who were selected in the WKBL draft, will leave the team after the National Sports Festival. Now, the main character who will take over the baton of Ace and Leader is Jeong Chae-won.

However, unfortunately, Chae-won Jeong is not expected to appear at this National Sports Festival.

In a phone call with Rookie, Chae-won Jeong said, “She is unable to train because of the injury. She was diagnosed with a partial rupture of the plantar fascia. It is very unfortunate that I have not yet competed in the National Sports Festival.”

She may not be able to play, but her heart is스포츠토토 with her. Chae-won Jeong plans to travel to Mokpo, where the National Sports Festival will be held, to cheer on her sisters and colleagues.

She explained, “The sisters on our team are really good. We plan to go to Mokpo on Saturday and cheer them on together.”

What kind of year will 2023 be remembered by her, Jeong Chae-won?

He said, “I liked the members of our team this year. Thanks to my sisters, I also experienced winning three times. Personally, I received the MVP and I think my skills have improved a lot. Next year, I am a senior in high school, so I want to do better. I want to use this year as an opportunity next year. “I want to achieve better results,” he said.

The will for development is also extraordinary.

Jeong Chae-won said, “I originally have a tendency to attack 1-on-1. Now, I try to create chances for other players by watching the defense’s movements. Because I still lack strength, there are times when the game goes well and times when it doesn’t, and the opponent “If you focus on your strength, you won’t be able to deal with it well. We need to improve on that. In the defensive part, the goal is to develop to a level where even one person can’t be penetrated. In the attack, I want to show that I can increase my strength,” he explained.

Jeong Chae-won’s role models are Hyundai Mobis coach Yang Dong-geun and Jeong Kwan-jang’s representative guard Byun Jun-hyung.

Jeong Chae-won said, “They are both guards, and coach Yang Dong-geun is very good, so I think I have a lot to watch and learn from. Byun Jun-hyung is really good at one-on-one and I want to learn how to play with confidence.”






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