The Moon administration re-approves the ‘Georgia Dam Project’ with a loss of KRW 116.5 billion… Double the damage

Korea Water Resources Corporation invested more than 200 billion won in a dam construction project in Georgia, Europe, but is in a position to lose all of its investment. In particular, the problem became bigger as the previous government decided to continue the project even though it had already suffered a loss of over 100 billion won.

Reporter Jeong Min-jin covered what happened.


This is the Nenskra River located on the border between Georgia and Russia.

In 2015, Korea Water Resources Corporation signed a contract with the Georgian government and decided to invest in the construction of a dam 2.5 times the size of the Soyang River Dam.

The total project cost alone amounts to 1.5 trillion won스포츠토토.

However, due to opposition from local residents and difficulties in selecting a construction company, construction has not yet begun.

As the project cost increased by 150% of the original plan due to project delays, KDI re-approved the project after re-examining the feasibility in 2020 during the Moon Jae-in administration.

As the design was changed and foreign construction companies gave up on construction, they decided that they would not be able to recover even the 116.5 billion won already invested, but decided to continue the project, saying there was a possibility of creating national wealth.

However, even the domestic construction companies that participated in the project later gave up on the project, and the money invested during that time nearly doubled to 226.8 billion won.

As a result of the self-audit, it was revealed that it was difficult to recover the full investment amount.

Lee Joo-hwan / People Power Party lawmaker
“We are concerned about significant budget losses. We must thoroughly investigate and find out why this project was re-approved under the previous administration.” The Korea Water Resources

Corporation said it would work to finalize negotiations with the Georgian government and normalize the project, but 1,500 The situation requires additional investment of billions of won.

This is Jeong Min-jin from TV Chosun.






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