President of the Moon Racing Association appointed by the government pushed for reappointment of executives despite failing three consecutive management evaluations

It was confirmed that the Korea Racing Authority, which had repeatedly received failing grades in public institution management evaluations, pushed for reappointment of executives in the name of ‘management stabilization’.

According to data submitted by the People Power Party Representative Hong Moon-pyo and released by the People Power Party Association on the 10th, former Chairman Kim Nak-soon and current Chairman Jeong Ki-hwan of the Racing Association, who were appointed by the Moon Jae-in administration, pushed for the reappointment of six standing directors of the Racing Association during their term of office (2018-2023). .

The racing association stated that the reason for seeking a second term was to stabilize management and promote a sustainable and stable horse breeding industry. However, in the public institution management evaluation메이저사이트 from 2018 to 2021, the period when executives decided to reappoint, the racing association’s management evaluation grade was D‧D‧E, equivalent to a failing grade.

Additionally, some point out that this is a difficult decision to make compared to the fact that only one racing association executive was reappointed under the previous Park Geun-hye administration. In particular, the largest number of four people were reappointed during the term of current Chairman Jeong Ki-hwan, who took office in February last year, and all of them were reappointed even after receiving the

lowest grade of ‘Very Unsatisfactory E’ in the 2021 public institution management evaluation during the Moon Jae-in administration .

Under the current law, it is stated that whether or not an executive of a racing association is reappointed is determined based on the evaluation results of performance contract performance and job performance performance.

According to the Racing Authority, it was confirmed that performance bonuses of 233 million won were paid to the four executive directors who held their positions until this year through reappointment, receiving 58.25 million won per person.

It was revealed that among the six executives who were reappointed, there was one who was controversial for riding the emperor’s horse and drinking and dancing. In particular, it was revealed that Executive Director Choi Won-il, who was controversial due to suspicions of self-reappointment, was given the position of head of the business management division.






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