“There is poop on my child’s XX… It breaks my heart” A parent sent a ‘protest text’ over the weekend

Netizens were interested in the story of an elementary school teacher who expressed her embarrassment when a parent filed a complaint because her child had feces on his anus.

On the 7th, a teacher complained that he received text토토사이트 messages from parents complaining even on weekends on ‘Blind’, an anonymous community for office workers.

According to the article, a student in the class of author A, a first-grade elementary school teacher, spoke out at school. However, it is said that she may not have cleaned up properly after pooping, but the student who came home found feces on his anus.

In response to this, the parent sent a message of protest to Mr. A, saying, “It breaks my heart to think of my child being like that all day.”

To this, Mr. A said, “What should I reply? Are you saying that you will clean the buttholes for me from now on?” and “Should I say that I will do anal examinations on children who come out after wiping the poop?”

Netizens who heard the story commented, “How does the teacher know whether the child pooped or peeed in the bathroom?”, “Why are they like that when they don’t properly educate the child at home?”, and “If they check the panties, isn’t that a case of reporting child abuse?” I raised my voice.

One netizen left advice, saying, “You are upset because your child is not handling his/her bowel movements properly. Please send a message saying, ‘Please provide guidance on how to clean up after a bowel movement at home.’”

Meanwhile, the post has been deleted.






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