Flights to Israel are canceled and diverted one after another

As Israel and the Palestinian Gaza안전놀이터 Strip militia group Hamas enter a ‘war’, airlines from each country are canceling or diverting flights to Israel. According to foreign media such as CNN

on the 7th (local time), a United Airlines passenger plane that left San Francisco for Israel on the night of the 6th turned back. Of the 13-hour flight time, I flew for about 7 hours, took a detour to Greenland, and then returned to San Francisco. Delta Air Lines and American Airlines also canceled flights to Israel on the 7th and 8th. Flights scheduled to take off from New York’s JFK Airport and head to Israel were canceled. It’s not just American airlines that are canceling or diverting flights. Germany’s Lufthansa also significantly reduced flights to Tel Aviv, Israel. Lufthansa said in a statement that it had canceled all other flights departing from Tel Aviv, leaving only one flight from Tel Aviv to Frankfurt, Germany, on the 7th. According to FlightAware, 14% of flights to Tel Aviv worldwide were cancelled.






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