A district mayor who earns 100 million won a month from his personal business… A civil servant earns 4.5 million won as a YouTuber

A district mayor in Busan also serves as the head of a real estate company. He took office in July of last year, and was also permitted to hold the position concurrently for two years from July 19 of the same year to July 18 of next year. Mayor Lee reported that he receives 148.13 million won per month from a real estate agency.

People Power Party lawmaker Kim Yong-pan, a member of the National Assembly Public Administration and Security Committee, analyzed data on the ‘current status of concurrent local public officials’ submitted by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security on the 6th and found that as of the end of August, 3,156 local public officials across the country were permitted to hold concurrent positions and were so-called ‘working two jobs.’ ‘It turns out that there is. By region, Gyeonggi-do had the most with 577, followed by Seoul with 365, Gyeongnam with 350, Gangwon with 284, and Chungcheongnam-do with 258. Some of the

public officials who hold concurrent positions earn over 10 million won per month from their second jobs. I also do it. A local council member from Ulsan City has been the head of a real estate agency since April스포츠토토 2001 with permission to hold concurrent positions. This local councilor reported that he receives 10.83 million won per month from this company.

Rep. Kim said, “Among local public officials who also hold other jobs, those who earn a high income of more than 10 million won per month appear to be working as the head of a real estate agent office or the head of a private business.”

Among local public officials who are permitted to hold concurrent positions, there are more than 200 ‘influencers’ who run personal channels such as YouTube or blogs. A level 7 civil servant in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province, reported earning 4.5 million won per month while also working as a YouTuber.

Local public officials cannot engage in profit-making work in accordance with the Local Public Officials Act and service regulations. However, he/she may hold concurrent positions with permission from the head of the local government or the chairman of the local council only if there is no impediment to the performance of his/her duties.

Rep. Kim said, “It is necessary for the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, which oversees the local personnel system, to impose sanctions on indiscriminate permission to hold concurrent positions,” adding, “So far, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security has never reviewed related data or pointed out errors regarding the status of allowing concurrent positions as local public officials.” did. At the same time, he said, “There is a need to investigate the status of local governments indiscriminately allowing concurrent positions and to thoroughly manage and supervise those who do not report concurrent positions.”






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