YouTuber who bought 10 million won worth of lottery money, looks at the winning results…

Famous YouTuber ‘Heopop’ revealed안전놀이터 the winning results after purchasing a lottery ticket worth 10 million won.

Heopop, who has 4.16 million subscribers, recently posted a video on his YouTube channel titled ‘I bought 10 million won worth of lottery tickets, will I win first place?’

Heopop, who had previously won third place in the lottery, said, “This time, I will buy 10 million won worth of lotto tickets and check whether the probability of winning first place increases if I buy a lot.”

Before purchasing a lottery ticket, Heopop said, “One person can purchase up to 100,000 won in lottery tickets. However, you can continue to buy 100,000 won worth by going to various branches multiple times. “If you feel like you need to stop this, you can impose stronger regulations based on this video,” he said.

Afterwards, Heopop visited several stores and purchased 100,000 won worth of lottery tickets through automatic selection.

He said, “At first, I went to a lotto store and bought 100,000 won worth, but then I thought I couldn’t do it, so I asked my friends to buy it.” He added, “If my friend wins first place in the lotto that he bought, I will give the winnings to that friend. However, they said they would donate about half of it,” he explained.

As a result, 222 tickets for 5,000 won for 5th place were issued, and 13 tickets for 50,000 won for 4th place were given out. There was not a single 1st, 2nd or 3rd place winner.

Heopop said, “I bought 10 million won worth of lottery tickets and won 1.76 million won.” He added, “Whether I buy this many lotto tickets or just one ticket, I think the result ultimately has to be left to luck. “I hope you don’t invest a lot of money in the lottery but just play it once in a while for fun and with small expectations,” he said.

Netizens who saw the video showed various reactions, such as ‘It seems like a video that teaches a lesson,’ ‘Those who won first place with one ticket are extremely lucky,’ and ‘Everyone must have wanted to buy something like that at least once, but it’s vicarious satisfaction.’






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