“evil! “Bed bugs” in Paris… The proposed plan is to “introduce detection dogs.”

As reports of bed bugs continued to appear throughout Paris, France ahead of next year’s Olympics, the authorities proposed레고토토 a plan to deploy detection dogs to investigate.

According to the British daily Guardian on the 4th (local time), French Transport Minister Clement Beaune said, “Detection dogs will be deployed to investigate whether there are bed bugs in trains and the Paris subway,” but said, “There was no evidence of bed bugs.”

In France, there have been recent reports of bed bugs being found inside trains. Photos of bed bugs said to have been found on trains or at airports were posted on social media , and there were reports of bed bugs appearing even in movie theater seats and schools.

Demand for disinfection companies has also increased significantly, and some are even saying that it is better to stand when riding a train than to sit in a seat and be bitten by bed bugs.

Minister Bonn, however, emphasized that in recent weeks, 10 reports of bedbugs were reported to the Paris Transport Authority ( RATP ) and 37 to the French Railways ( SNCF ), but no bedbugs were found.

On this day, Minister Bon held an emergency meeting attended by major public transportation operators and said, “If there is a problem, we will deal with it and do not deny it,” and added, “There is no occurrence of bed bugs in public transportation.”

After the meeting, he said, “All public transportation operators will strengthen their overall quarantine procedures, and deploying detection dogs is the most effective method.” In addition, authorities plan to release reports of bed bugs and confirmed cases of infection every three months.

Bed bugs, which suck the blood of people and animals, disappeared from Korea in the 1970s, but are rampant in France due to the deterioration of sanitary conditions in lodging establishments as tourists from various countries come and go. In 2018 alone, it was estimated that bed bugs infested a total of 400,000 places, including hotels, hospitals, theaters, and apartments. Accordingly, the French government launched a large-scale bedbug eradication campaign in 2020.






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