He is a GG-level shortstop challenging 20-20… How much will his ransom skyrocket?

How much is a shortstop who challenges 20-20 worth?

For Kim Ha-seong of the U.S. Major League Baseball, the 2023 season will likely remain both a joy and a disappointment. However, as soon as the season ended, Kim Ha-seong received good news. He is worthy of raising expectations for next season.

Ha-seong Kim’s 2023 season has ended. The team that spent an astronomical amount of money to advance to the postseason was eliminated. Ha-Seong Kim also aimed to join the 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases club, but unfortunately ended the season with three home runs left. He hadn’t hit a home run in over a month, reaching 17. In September, severe physical decline caught Ha-seong Kim back.

Still, he did well enough. Batting average of .206, 17 home runs, 60 RBI, 84 runs, and 38 stolen bases. Although it is unfortunate that his batting average, which had risen to .299, has plummeted, it is meaningful that he has established himself as the team’s new leadoff. Ha-seong Kim played as the team’s regular number one hitter from the end of the first half, greatly strengthening his position. He also struggled in defense, switching between his main position, second base, as well as shortstop and third base.

This was his first time as a big league No. 1 hitter, so he was bound to have some trial and error. If he prepares more physically in the off-season and controls his pace well after entering the season next year, he is fully qualified to challenge for 20-20 again.

Next season is more important to Ha-seong Kim. This is the final season after signing a four-year contract with San Diego. If he continues to impress next year, he could land a big free agent contract. There are not many hitters in the major leagues who can play a leadoff role with Golden Glove-level infield 토토사이트defense.

Meanwhile, there is good news. Ha-seong Kim is moving from second base to shortstop again. Ha-seong Kim made his name known throughout the United States by demonstrating outstanding defensive skills as a shortstop in the 2022 season. It was a stepping stone to becoming a perfect starter this season. He was instead a second baseman this season. This was because mega-free agent shortstop Xander Bogaerts joined.

However, there was a possibility that Bogaerts would give up shortstop defense. Bogaerts said in an interview with the local media outlet ‘San Diego Tribune’ that he would not insist on playing the shortstop position next season. In a situation where he is over 30, he will not be greedy to keep the physical shortstop position, which requires a lot of stamina, but will play in the position the team wants.

In San Diego, third baseman Manny Machado is scheduled to undergo elbow surgery. If he cannot play defense at the beginning of next season, someone will have to fill third base, and there is a high possibility that Bogaerts will move in instead of Kim Ha-seong. The San Diego team is eager to use Kim Ha-seong, who has good defense, as a shortstop again.

He can do well as a second baseman, but Ha-seong Kim’s value can increase even more if he plays as a shortstop. Shortstop is the flower of defense. He’s a shortstop trying to hit 20-20. Just thinking about it seems to make many clubs drool.






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