The living room glass of the 10 billion won Banpo apartment was broken… Why on earth?

“The window was broken vertically, and shards of glass came inside. “If this had been the case after moving in, you could have suffered physical damage, such as inhaling the powder.”

As defects such as broken windows continue to occur at ‘Raemian One Bailey’ in Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, which was moved in at the end of August, residents’ anxiety is growing. Some are even questioning the quality, asking, ‘It’s actually safety glass, but can it break like this?’

Mr. A, a resident of One Bailey, witnessed a broken window while trying to clean the unit on the 24th of last month. There were no problems until the preliminary inspection, but this accident occurred just before moving in. The broken window fragments entered the room and almost caused further damage.

Mr. A said, “Not only were they broken, but I also found foreign substances in the glass, so I replaced 9 windows. The construction company said they only did the work as specified by the union, but there is a need to consider whether the glass was wrong or the construction was wrong.” He said. He added, “This is a problem that could cause injury to residents, and it is questionable whether the completion inspection was done properly.”

Another tenant had his living room window broken shortly after he moved in. He said, “On the fifth day of moving in, I heard a ‘popping’ sound and the living room window broke.”

The One Bailey window issue was something that was discussed from the preliminary inspection. At the time, there were many places where people had to move in because the windows were broken and paper was put up there. One안전놀이터 resident said, “When I visited for a pre-inspection, the window was broken and there was a piece of paper attached saying it was being repaired. He said he was investigating the cause, but he woke up like this even after he moved in… “He expressed embarrassment.

Another resident expressed anxiety, saying, “Can new windows be like this? If an accident like this happens in your life, it will be a big problem.” Some residents said, “I heard they used German windows, but isn’t there a problem?” One Bailey was constructed using system windows from Germany’s Profine. At the time of window selection, publicity was made that ‘it is made of quadruple glass and is strong even in a typhoon of about 100 pascals’, so the doubts of residents are growing.

As the controversy arose, a union official sent a text message to the residents, saying, “The glass breakage defect is a defect that occurs in the early stages at any site and has nothing to do with the German chassis, and is only a defect in the KCC glass.” He added, “It has now reached a certain level of stability and the breakage defects are rare. ” “It’s not happening,” he explained.

However, as One Bailey is an ‘expensive apartment’, sensitivity to defects is bound to increase. One resident expressed concern, saying, “It was intended to be a high-end complex, but I am disappointed to see such a defect occur,” and added, “I am worried that the problem will become more serious with winter coming.”

Raemian One Bailey is a large complex with 2,990 households, rebuilt from the Shinbanpo 3rd and Gyeongnam Apartments. As soon as we moved in, it was considered the best apartment in the Gangnam area, and it became a hot topic earlier this year when the penthouse was traded for 10 billion won.






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