“High school graduate and single mom earns 140 million won per month”… What’s the secret?

Cathy Johnson, a woman in her 30s who dropped out of high school in the United States and had no significant experience, is making headlines by introducing in detail her ‘print -on-demand selling ‘ business, which earns her up to $100,000 a month.

The ‘print-on-demand sales’ business is a business that creates designs on t-shirts, mugs, and tote bags that people want, then asks manufacturers to produce them when orders come in, and then delivers them.

Cathy started doing this as a side hustle after she quit her sales job in March 2020, she said.

She took it lightly, but after a year and a half, the business had gained enormous popularity.

In the early days of her business, she would come up with T-shirt designs on her smartphone and post them on Etsy , a vintage accessory trading platform , to fulfill the occasional order.

But now Cathy is making more money than most salaried workers.

She runs a YouTube account with over 120,000 subscribers안전놀이터, runs an Etsy business, and runs a print-on-demand store.

American business media CNBC reported that print-on-demand stores have earned more than $766,000 since 2020.

She also explained that during her peak sales month, she sold up to $100,900 worth of t-shirts and mugs.

However, it is known that Cathy went through many twists and turns before achieving this success.

Cathy became pregnant at age 16 and dropped out of high school.

Short-term part-time jobs at fast food restaurants and movie theaters were almost the entirety of his career, and after becoming a salesperson for a furniture company at the age of 19, he put his mind to it and even became a top salesperson.

But Cathy, a single mom, needed a better-paying job with stable hours to support her family.

Cathy didn’t have a college degree, so it was almost impossible to get a job like that, but she didn’t give up and acquired a ‘winning mindset’ through self-improvement books.

He also learned how to effectively set and achieve goals, how to let customers find what they want, and more.

As he runs his business, Cathy says he is guided by the self-confidence he has learned along the way, explaining, “I don’t think about what if I fail or anything like that.”






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