White clothes in red light every night… Do you know ‘Homigot Haunted House’?

Homigot, a representative tourist attraction in Pohang안전놀이터, Gyeongsangbuk-do, has recently become a hot topic after a ghost appeared there.

A YouTuber posted a video titled ‘Homigot Scary Story Haunted House’ on social media ( SNS ) a month ago and it is going viral. The identity of the ghost that appears in the video is none other than a mannequin. During the day, it is an insignificant abandoned building, but at night, a red light shines in the window and a mannequin wearing a white uniform gazes out at the sea.

It is reported that this commotion occurred when building owner A, who was opposing Pohang City’s district-level development plan, used a mannequin as a protest tool. This area was designated as the Yeongil Bay National Tourist District about 40 years ago and as the Homigot Tourist District in 2003, so development activities are said to be restricted. However, contrary to Mr. A’s intention for the sit -in, a ‘funny thing’ is happening as

the building suddenly becomes famous as a ‘haunted house’ on social media , and tourists flock to it.

Pohang City has asked Mr. A several times to remove the ‘ugly objects’, but only the number of mannequins has decreased, and red lights still illuminate the house at night. Attention is being paid to how Pohang’s representative tourist attraction, which should enjoy popularity for its sunrise and ‘hands of coexistence’, will resolve this situation, which, contrary to its original intention, has become famous as a ‘haunted house’.






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