Real estate agent screams, “The door is closing”… Why are businesses closing despite market recovery?

The number of real estate brokerages closing down is increasing significantly.

Real estate transaction volume is picking up and prices are스포츠토토 rebounding, but reporter Je Hee-won covered why that was the case.

<Reporter> In

an apartment complex in Songpa-gu, Seoul, where 9,500 households have moved in, ‘rental inquiry’ notices are posted throughout the commercial area, which was crowded with real estate agencies.

As more people want to sell their homes due to the spread of the so-called ‘house price bottom theory’, the number of listings for sale has increased by nearly 40% in the past month, but the actual transaction volume is still only half of what it was four months ago.

[Registered Real Estate Agent: The prices of the original items were raised a little more, and since the market price went up, (transaction prices) decreased.]

In other large apartment complexes nearby, real estate agents who have vacated their offices are also noticeable.

The recent price rise does not seem to directly lead to an increase in trading volume.

[Jinhee Jeong/Songpa-gu, Seoul: Because (house prices) have risen too much… . When things became more stable, the household economy also. I think it is not too late to wait a little longer and buy one.]

In the aftermath of the rental fraud, the volume of rental transactions for multi-family homes such as villas also plummeted by 80%.

As a result of this situation, some real estate agencies that are under severe pressure on rent are going on hiatus or closing down.

In fact, the number of real estate agents that closed down last August was 1,161, a 10.7% increase over the same period last year, and the number of new businesses opening decreased by 10%.

[Cho Won-gyun/Korea Real Estate Agents Association: It seems like business closures are accelerating. The amount of jeonse has also decreased significantly. In fact, it is difficult for the brokerage market to survive if transaction volume does not increase.]

While the participation of some licensed real estate agents in jeonse fraud, which had a large impact, has eroded trust, the emergence of various direct transaction platforms that can save brokerage fees has also narrowed the space for brokerage houses to stand. Background.






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