‘Is that the marathon spirit?’ Unlike the movie, Seo Yun-bok ran with the American flag

The movie ‘1947 Boston’, which tells the story of Seo Yun-bok (1923-2017) winning the 51st Boston Marathon, was released on the 27th.

In this movie, Son Ki-jeong (Ha Jung-woo), Nam Seung-ryong (Bae Seong-woo), and Seo Yun-bok (Im Si-wan) arrive in Boston and become angry after receiving running clothes.

This is because it was a clothing with a large American flag (American flag) instead of the Taegeukgi.

Son Ki-jeong holds a press conference and announces his intention to boycott participation in the competition.

“We came here to announce Joseon’s independence. However, I received a uniform with the American flag, not the Joseon flag.

If wearing that uniform and running is what you call Boston’s independent spirit and the marathon spirit of running with all your might and telling the story of victory, then we came here in the wrong place.” The conclusion, of course, is a happy ending

. Seo Yun-bok runs with the Korean national flag on his chest.

(Insert adverb of your choice) The historical facts were a little different.

In fact, Mr. Seo ran wearing clothes with the American flag and Taegeukgi side by side.

At the time, this was not a very strange thing as it was the time of the US military government before the establishment of the government of the Republic of Korea.

Instead, he announced Joseon’s independence by writing ‘ KOREA’ in the center of his chest.

This film is not the only one that took the lead in the ‘American flag erasure incident’.

‘100 Years of Korean Athletics’ published by the Korea Athletics Federation in 2013 contains a photo of Seo crossing the finish line with the world’s highest record at the time (2 hours, 25 minutes and 39 seconds).

Even in this photo, it is not easy to find the American flag emblem메이저사이트.

At first glance, it looks like they are really running with the Taegeukgi flag.

However, if you look at the original photo, it is not difficult to confirm that there was a ‘touch’ on the American flag part.

I don’t know who touched it and with what intention, or maybe that part just disappeared by accident, but it is noticeably different from the other parts.

Of course, if you were to make a bet, it would be more likely to be correct to bet that someone intentionally tampered with the American flag because they wanted to erase it.

However, this does not mean that ‘1947 Boston’ completely failed historical research.

At the award ceremony, Mr. Seo wore a robe with the national flag and a laurel wreath.

Seo was the first Asian athlete to win the Boston Marathon, which started in 1897.

In fact, director Kang Je-gyu, who directed this film, was criticized quite a bit for ‘Gukppong’.

However, Russian poet Nikolai Nekrasov (1921-1878) wrote, “He who lives without sadness or anger does not love his country.”

Like Dong-A Ilbo reporter Lee Gil-yong (1899~?), the protagonist of the Japanese flag obliteration incident, someone who loves their country might have caused the ‘American flag obliteration incident’ out of sadness and anger.






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