Self-employed people are going out of business one after another… “If you pile up more debt, you won’t be able to close your business” 

Small and medium-sized businesses and the self-employed are suffering from soaring loan interest rates. As the size of loans continues to increase in order to survive the economic recession that followed the coronavirus pandemi안전놀이터c, the suffering is greater than ever.

According to statistics from the Korea Federation of Banks on the 29th, as of the end of last month, the corporate loan balance of Korea’s five major banks ( KB Kookmin, Shinhan, Hana, Woori, and NH Nonghyup Bank) was KRW 747.4893 trillion, up from KRW 687.4233 trillion in the same period last year (KRW 60.661 trillion). 8.7%) increased.

The average interest rate on physical collateral loans for small and medium-sized businesses newly handled by the five major banks from May to July was 5.28-5.50% per annum. This figure is higher than the average interest rate for physical collateral loans for small and medium-sized businesses handled from April to June. During the same period, the average interest rate on property-secured loans for individual businesses also increased from 5.28-5.42% per year to 5.35-5.47% per year.






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