“Everything goes up except salary”… Jajangmyeon price close to 7,000 won in 9 years

The prices of major restaurant menu items have risen by more than 30% on average over the past nine years, and Jajangmyeon has risen the most.According to data from the Korea Consumer Agency, as of last month, the average price of seven restaurant menus in the Seoul area jumped 35.3% compared to 2014스포츠토토.The food that rose the most was Jajangmyeon, which averaged 4,500 won in August 2014, but as of last month it had risen 55.4% to 6,992 won.In addition, bibimbap rose 46.2% from 7,818 won to 10,423 won, and cold noodles rose 42.8% from 7,864 won to 11,231 won.In addition, kimchi stew 100% (5,636 won → 7,846 won 

, 39.2 % up), kalguksu (6,500 won → 8,962 won 

, 37.9 % up), pork belly (200g converted, 14,117 won → 14,117 won) The increase rate was highest in that order: 19,150 won 

· 35.7 % ↑), followed by samgyetang (13,500 won → 16,846 won 

· 24.8 % ↑).This steep rise in prices is expected to continue for some time. The Bank of Korea predicted that the growing uncertainty in international food prices, such as the suspension of the Black Sea Grain Agreement and the suspension of Indian rice exports, would have a negative impact on stabilizing the consumer price inflation rate.The actual consumer price index recorded 5.2% in January and steadily decreased to 2.3% in July, but rebounded to 3.4% as of August.






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