“My father, who had an intellectual disability, was carrying a plow like an ox and plowing the field next door.”

A father in his 70s who suffers from intellectual disability in Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province, complained in tears to his son that he had been exploited for years by his neighbors.

On the 27th, Mr. A’s son, who is in his 70s and suffers from intellectual disability, burst into anger in an interview with KBS , saying, “It’s so absurd and absurd. I’m even in tears.”

I was shocked to see my father limping and working in the farm next door.
According to a KBS report, Mr. A’s son installed CCTV in the house because he was worried about his father, who lives alone in a rural area. At this time, he happened to catch his father going outside with a man.

At the time, Ms. A was limping her leg and pulling a plow in the field안전놀이터 visible between the buildings. Another man followed behind him and plowed the field.

I have been doing farming work for 10 years and have not received fair compensation.
The man walking behind Mr. A is said to be a neighbor. Local residents reported that Mr. A had been handling the man’s farming work for the past 10 years.

Among them, one resident said, “It goes to the extent of saying that if Mr. A doesn’t pick peppers in the scorching sun, he can’t farm in his house. He put a plow on the back and plowed everything like an ox.”

It is said that Mr. A did not receive fair compensation for his hard work. Mr. A said, “There is no pay. They give me drinks like cola. I feel like my back will be completely broken if I work there.”

In particular, it was revealed that the male neighbor also used duty-free oil worth 1.6 million won in Mr. A’s name.

A male neighbor said, “They also gave me red pepper powder and potatoes. It’s unfair.”
However, the male neighbor claimed that he did not make them do work that was hard enough to pay them. Rather, he is in the position that he feels unfair because Mr. A never worked all day, ground red pepper powder ten times, and gave him sweet potatoes and potatoes.

In response to this, Mr. A’s son said, “My father is intellectually disabled, but in some ways, it is as if he was abused,” and he is checking whether or not there was abuse along with human rights organizations for the disabled.






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