Shocking obscene live broadcast in Thailand… ‘Disgrace to the country’ Korean YouTuber says in court

Mr. A, a 20-year-old Korean male YouTuber who was criticized스포츠토토 for ‘damaging the national reputation’ by broadcasting obscene live broadcasts with local women in Southeast Asia, appealed to the court for leniency, saying, “My foolish thoughts and greed have become a great sin.”

It is reported that Ms. A submitted her reflections more than 10 times prior to her first trial.

However, the prosecution requested the court to sentence the defendant to prison.

At the first trial of this case related to charges of violating the Information and Communications Network Act held at the Suwon District Court on the 25th (Criminal 11 alone, Chief Judge Kim Su-jeong), Mr. A reflected, “I had no idea what impact my actions would have on many people.”

On this day, the trial proceeded directly to a final trial, with the defendant admitting all of the facts in response to the prosecution’s indictment, and both sides’ defense arguments concluded.

Mr. A is accused of live-broadcasting scenes of himself drinking and engaging in lewd acts with women in an entertainment bar in Thailand on at least five occasions from mid-February to the end of March on a one-person channel he opened.

Above all, the video had no age restrictions, so even minors could watch it indiscriminately.

It was also confirmed that the account number was exposed during the broadcast and donations were received by responding to viewers’ comments.

The prosecution requested the court to sentence Mr. A to one year in prison and a fine of 9 million won.

In response to this, the defense first acknowledged the facts in the indictment, but claimed ‘not guilty’ to the effect that it could not be concluded that it was an obscene act subject to criminal punishment.

The defense attorney, who acknowledged that his actions were quite vulgar and promiscuous, however, declared him not guilty, saying, “If you look at the video distributed by the defendant in accordance with the specific standards determined by the Supreme Court, it merely depicts similar acts rather than direct acts of sexual intercourse.” I asked him to do it.

Mr. A, who entered the court wearing a light green shroud on this day, said in a tearful voice during his final statement, “I am shameless, but I like making people laugh,” and added, “I will do my best to become a member of society who can once again have a good and positive influence on many people.” “Please do so,” he said.

The sentencing hearing for Mr. A will be held at the Suwon District Court at 10 a.m. on the 19th of next month.

The police, who had previously begun the investigation through a tip, identified Mr. A and asked him from Thailand to return to Korea and respond to the investigation. However, Mr. A refused, and after obtaining an arrest warrant, the police, with the cooperation of the local consulate, urged him to enter the country voluntarily and arrested Mr. A, who entered the country through Incheon Airport on the 8th of last month.

Although the videos produced by Mr. A do not contain scenes of direct physical contact, they are said to contain many movements or remarks reminiscent of similar sexual acts. In addition, Mr. A applied for additional collection preservation before indictment for the 11.3 million won worth of profits he earned from pornographic broadcasting.

Mr. A’s crime was reported in Thailand and caused a big stir.

At the time, Thai media, including Amarin TV , reported that a Korean YouTuber was recklessly filming women on the streets of their country and offering them alcohol. At the time, the victim said, “On my way home, a Korean man came up to me while streaming and asked me to drink. I refused and avoided the camera, but he kept approaching me and I was scared.” “I felt uneasy because I felt she was filming my body while we were talking,” the woman said, adding, “The YouTuber kept asking us to exchange contact information.”

He also said, “I checked the YouTube channel of a Korean man and there were many videos of him sexually harassing or molesting Thai women.”






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