A husband goes to play tennis, leaving his wife bleeding… Arrest warrant dismissed

Chief Judge Kim stated the reason for the dismissal, saying, “The suspect’s residence was constant and there was no evidence of concern that he would run away or destroy evidence.”

Mr. A is accused of neglecting his wife, B, in her 50s, who collapsed bleeding at their home in Ganghwa-gun, Incheon, at around 6:12 pm on May 9, leaving her brain dead.

At that time, he stopped by the house to change clothes to play tennis, saw Ms. B collapsed, took a picture of her, and sent it to her stepdaughter. At the same time, she is reported to have said, “Her mother drinks and메이저사이트 she collapses like this. If I touch her, she will run out because domestic violence problems will arise.”

Afterwards, Ms. A went out immediately without any relief measures, and her stepdaughter, who saw her photo, called 119. Ms. B was taken to the hospital by 119, who was dispatched after receiving the report, but she is in a brain-dead state and is currently receiving treatment.

During the police investigation, Mr. A stated, “She has been reported for domestic violence before,” and “I didn’t want to be involved with that kind of thing anymore with my wife, so I left her alone.”

In fact, Mr. A was reported three times in the past for domestic violence, but it was reported that all cases were closed with ‘no charges’.






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