Samsung Electronics SSIT, takes a step towards the top

I focused on the basics and put them into practice. They put faith and trust in each other and came together as a team.

Samsung Electronics SSIT played well in the Division 1 preliminary round of the 2023 The K Office Worker Basketball League ( held at a gym near Gwanak-gu, Seoul on the 23rd, with Jeon Hyeon-joong recording 23 points and 5 rebounds, including 3 3-pointers. Thanks to the support of Jaeyoung Han (14 points, 5 assists, 3 rebounds, 2 3-pointers) and Gwansik Kim (11 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists), they defeated Hankook Tire 77-53 and advanced to the finals.

If Samsung Electronics SSIT wins on this day, it can be confirmed that it will advance directly to the finals. They pushed their opponents harshly from the beginning. Jeon Hyun-joong took the lead. He made successive shots from outside the 3-point line and showed off his ability to break through to score. What is noteworthy is that the score was raised based on team play, such as using the screen and moving to find an empty spot, rather than relying on individual ability. Here, Kim Min-sang, Hwang In-geun, and Kwak Nam-hyuk supported the team by crossing the inner and outer perimeters.

Hankook Tire also did not sit still. Lim Min-wook was under the goal, and Park Jeong-yeop attacked the opponent’s defense by going back and forth between the 3-point line and mid-range. In particular, Park Jung-yeop seemed to want to see the effect of increasing his shooting distance in the mid-range area, where he had been throwing so far, and succeeded in two 3-point shots in the first quarter alone, further enhancing his shooting feel. Kim Jeong-seop and Seo-ho participated in the rebound, and Jeong Hak-jae passed the pass in keeping with the movements of his teammates.

The tense atmosphere did not last long. In the second quarter, Samsung Electronics SSIT took off. The long-running passing game came together well. He constantly moved to find an empty spot and threw a shot without hesitation. Kim Kwan-sik defended the goal along with Kwak Nam-hyuk and Kim Min-sang, and participated in fast attacks to increase the score. Han Jae-young took charge of the game management and scored a 3-pointer, and Cho Nam-joo showed his breakthrough

Hankook Tire responded head-on to the opponent’s attack by inserting Shin Dong-hoon and Kim Sang-min, who were waiting to be launched from the bench. Kim Seong-seop and Park Jeong-yeop persistently dug into the gaps, and Lim Min-wook delivered a pass at the right time. But, that was it. He was blocked by the opponent’s dense defense, and his shot was missed with all his might. Additionally, due to a series of mistakes, it was difficult to close the gap.

In the second half, Samsung Electronics SSIT increased its momentum. Jeon Hyun-joong, who took a break in the second quarter, came out once again. He made shots from mid-range, hit 3-pointers, and scored 13 points in the third quarter alone. Jae-Young Han, Min-Sang Kim, and In-Geun Hwang actively took part in quick attacks, while Byeong-Jun Park, Kwan-Sik Kim, and Nam-Hyuk Kwak showed that they did not hesitate, further enhancing teamwork.

As for Hankook Tire, Lim Min-wook actively attacked and tried to break through. Kim Jeong-seop helped under the goal, and Shin Dong-hoon succeeded with a shot from mid-range. However, this alone was not enough. It should have been a shot, but the throw missed the rim. Although Kim Dong-ok was on the bench due to injury, he showed faith and trust in the players on the court and spared no effort in encouraging them to get through it on their own.

In the 4th quarter, Samsung Electronics SSIT took the win. Nam-Hyuk Kwak and In-Geun Hwang created space through high-low plays, while Nam-Joo Cho, Kwan-Sik Kim, Jae-Young Han, and Min-Sang Kim shook up the opposing defense by making fast breaks. For Hankook Tire, Lim Min-wook scored 10 points in the fourth quarter alone, and Kim Jeong-seop, Shin Dong-hoon, and Park Jeong-yeop scored, but there was too little time to close the gap. For Samsung Electronics SSIT, Han Jae-young and Jeon Hyun-joong scored consecutively to put a wedge in the game.

ability to shake up the opponent’s defense. 

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics SSIT Han Jae-young, who led the team to victory with 14 points, 5 assists, and 3 rebounds, including 2 3-pointers, was selected as the Inpulse MATCH MVP of this game. He said, “I arrived at the stadium around the second quarter because I took the wrong route today. “I was sorry to my teammates for being late,” he said, adding, “I saw the lead as soon as I came into the second quarter. “He found space and made a pass, and everyone was in good shooting condition, so we focused on shooting and we were able to win,” he said, expressing his thoughts on the victory.

The reason Samsung Life Insurance SSIT was able to gain the upper hand on this day was because they played the game stably based on teamwork, focusing on rebounds and passing. In response, “We have the upper hand under the goal, so let’s play the game with confidence in this area. “I tried to throw with스포츠토토 confidence because I knew he would catch the rebound even if the shot didn’t go in,” he said. “Today, (Kim) Kwan-sik played the role of a guard in the forward line and a middle leg in the center line. He gave a thumbs up to the performance of his teammates, saying, “I’ve put a lot of effort into keeping him centered, and I was able to boost his morale by making hustle plays that didn’t save his body.”

He continued, “Kwak Nam-hyuk has a passing ability, so he comes out to the high post and passes passes to empty teammates. He is very good at passing, and with Kim Min-sang, who joined this tournament, entering the empty low post, the number of derived plays such as high-low patterns is increasing,” he said. “I practice high-low patterns a lot during team training, and I practice a lot during games.” It’s not coming out. Still, if you refine the details as much as you train, I think you will score a lot of points with this pattern,” he said.

The encouraging part is that the laxity that had been pointed out as a weakness so far did not appear. In response, “As the differences widen, I try to avoid getting hurt, and this seems to always happen. So, I think we can overcome it if we focus on our defense and focus on our defense,” he said. “In particular, when playing against strong teams, there were a lot of cases where we lost stamina and gave up the atmosphere during close games. “It needs to be corrected, and it is currently in the process of being corrected,” he said.

Samsung Electronics SSIT secured first place in the Division 1 preliminary round and advanced to the finals by winning the game on this day. He said, “Honestly, I think it would be fun to play against the Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency, but we haven’t won since I joined. “I am greedy, and I hope that a team with experience of winning in the preliminaries will come forward,” he said. “As mentioned earlier, there are moments during the game when my stamina suddenly runs out due to lack of concentration, and I will work to improve this part and make up for it.” . And recently, we are renewing the 3-2 zone defense, and we will refine the details so that we can solve it well. And if I become personally greedy, it will affect teamwork. “The team’s championship comes first before me,” he said, expressing his aspirations for the championship.






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